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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Indonesian Javanese Ruler Wants His Eldest Daughter To Be Monarch

Coutiers in elaborate outfits dance to the gentle tinkling of Javanese music as the sultan of Yogyakarta looked on, a scene that has played out much in the same way for centuries in the tiny Indonesian kingdom. But the recent ceremony to mark the 70th birthday of Hamengku Buwono X, Indonesia's last Sultan with real political power has one key difference from the previous celebrations- many of his relatives refused to attend. A bitter feud has erupted at the heart of the kingdom on Java Island, as th Muslim ruler signalled he wants his eldest daughter to become Sultanate's first female monarch after he leaves th throne. Indonesia is home to numerous small kingdoms. While other provinces elect political rulers, and their sultans are mainly ceremonial figures, Yogyakarta's sultan serves both as royal leader and governor of the city and its surrounding areas. Djakarta allows Yogyakarta's royal family to keep the power as central government is gratful for his support for independence in 1945 after a long period of Dutch colonial rule. But the sultan's push to make eldest of his five daughters-he has no son- the first female monarch of Yogyakarta has transformed him into an unlikely champion of gender equality, and threatens to overturn hundereds of years of traditions in the Muslim conservative sultanate.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PM Nawaz Sharif's Shopping In London After Heart Surgery (Video)

Neelum Aslam Bashes Nawaz Sharif by powerplaypk

I Made Kim Kardashian Famous-- Paris Hilton, And Kenye's Infamous Video

She knows the famous game well. Paris Hilton recently liked an Instagram meme that makes fun of Kenye West's 'famous' music video and suggests that the former simple life star made the rapper's wife Kim a household name. One of the Hilton's fan took to the social media to share a hilarious image featuring a still from West's controversial video "Stars Are Blind" singer's face is superimposed over where Taylor Swift's is in original visual. West's new video features naked bodies of stars such as Swift, Kardashian, Amber Rose, Caitalyn Jenner and rapper himself, among others. The nude figures are seen sleeping in bed together. "I made his bitch famous" reads the line above the photoshopped masterpiece.

Another Version Of Qandeel Baloch's Life Story

The controversy queen Qandeel Baloch, who has been making headlines for her scandalous and controversial statements on TV and for her bold videos on social media. is now a days in the limelight for her meeting with Mufti Abdul Qavi in a hotel room. Though she is renowned with the identity of Qandeel Baloch from Karachi, she is actually completely opposite of what puts up on media. Qandeel Baloch's real name is Fauzia Azeem (some say Shabana), and she hails from one of the most backward areas of Dera Ghazi Khan, Shah Sadar Din, a far away village from glitzy city of lights (Karachi) that she says she is from. Back in 2003-04, when she was still in eighth grade she fell in love with a boy and both decided to elope together. Unfortunately, Fauzia fled her home the boy she loved ditched her. The betrayal marked a turning point in her life, then she decided to become self-reliant in life. She joined a bus transport company as a hostess and braved the grim challenges of life. She was also in touch with her family, but later she decided to move on with her life and joined showbiz with new name Qandeel Baloch. She went to South Africa in 2007, worked in Middle East and various European countries before returning back to Pakistan to work on her acting skills. Qandeel now switches between Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad to fuel her rising star. She stays with his father when she is in Lahore. Qandeel has four sibling brothers. One is drug addict, other is in Punjab police, third one in Saudi Arabia and fourth one is of school-going age.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

PEMRA Banned Aamir Liaqat's TV Show Inaam Ghar (Video)

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned infamous TV show host Aamir Liaqat from hosting his game show Inaam Ghar. The ban on the show is initially for three days. PEMRA earlier issued a show cause notice to GEO Entertainment for June 6 episode, which showed an reenactment by the show's host of a girl committing suicide. The PEMPRA has now decided to ban the show for three days due to the following reasons:- *- Showing scenes of a girl committing suicide. *- Letting go on air an indecent call from a female caller. *- A man abusing on air for winning a bike.

Why Amir Liaquat Show banned by PEMERA ? by vidzdotcom

Monday, June 27, 2016

Some Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfuntions Ever (Video)

Post Brexit Implications For Pakistan

Ten Nobel Laureates in Economics wrote letter to The Guardian regarding Brexit and warned that a vote to leave the European Union could hurt the UK in three ways; firstly it would limit UK's access to European market; secondly it would force the UK to redefine its trade relBritain ationship within and outside Europe and thirdly, separation will be slow leading to years of uncertainty for investors. voted to leave anyway, and global equities lost over $ two trillion in a day. The EU has lost some of its political clouts on global stage, while the isolationist parties in the member states have gained ground. If Scotland seeks referendum on independence UK will also lose a clout. The political vacuum should provide, USA, China, Russia and India opportunities to extend influence. As far as implications for Pakistan are concerned the picture is complicated. Things look neutral for now. However, low exports makes Pakistan a potential refuge in the post-Brexit world. The bad thing is, the exports would decline due to two reasons. First, the UK is the third biggest importer of Pakistani goods after China and USA. Pakistani exports were helped by GSP Plus arrangements with the EU Second, the weakening of pound sterling and Euro will make Pakistani exports more expensive for European consumers. The remittance may also decline. The UK is the third largest source of remittance behind Saudi Arabia. Foreign portfolio investment may also decline. The only foreign portfolio investors in Pakistan are institutional investors who are very particular about their exposure to risk. Virtually all such investors are exposed to the UK or EU markets, as the risk from these portfolios increases, the investors are likely to reduce their exposure to emerging markets such as Pakistan.
Foreign direct investment in Pakistan may rise. The UK has the third largest direct investment inflow into Pakistan after China and UAE. Several multinationals based in these countries are well established in Pakistan.

Transgender Can Marry-- Mufti Imran

An Islamic scholar belonging to Brailvi school of thought Mufti Muhammad Imran Hanfi Qadri issued a religious decree (Fatwa) stating that a transman can marry a transwoman and vice versa but intersex person-- oeople born with physical sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies can not marry at all according to Islam. A transgender, declared female at birth but whose gender identity transitions to that of a man can marry a male or with a transgender who is declared male at birth but his gender identity transitions over time to that of female. But intersex person called Khunsa e Mushkil can not marry at all. Islam bestowes Trnsgenders their due share in inheritance and parents who deprive them of their share commit a sin.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Woman Gets British Accent After Surgery

A Houston-area woman's accent sounds quite different since she underwent jaw surgery in December, doctors say she might have neurological condition called foreign accent syndrome. Lisa Alamia's accent swings beteen various British accents and a faint Australian twang. Foreign accent syndrome is a rare medical condition that results from trauma or an injury to the area of brain that controls speech. The cause is often unknown, but it has been linked to strokes, head injuries and psychiatric conditions, speech therapy can help patients restore their usual accent. Alamia says she knows some people are skeptical and hopes to have her true accent back soon.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Is This Bilawal Zardari Or Someone Else? PPP Wokers May Lnow?

His antics at Oxford University. How would have felt PPP people awaiting for their new chairman to take over the party.
With his arms slung casually around two girls, one of whom declares herself as 'bisexual' on a social networking site. He calls her friend 'Bouzie Souzi'.
He and girls were dressed up for' Cardinals Cocktail' event. Only a handful of Christ Church students are allowed to join each year. They have to down a bottle of port followed by eight pint of beer.

Mufti Qavi Was Without Fast, Was Drinking And Smoking With Me --Qandeel Baloch (Video)

Saudis Are The Third Laziest Nation In The World

According to a Saudi medical expert Saudis are the third laziest people in the world because of thr idle lifestyle that has made million suffer from diabetes. Saudia has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world, with nealy 3.5 million people of its 30 million population are suffering from diabetes. Women are lazier than men in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, they do not move enough as compared to western women. Women aged between 30 and 70 years in the Arab world are considered lazy with compared western women although they realize walking stimulate blood circulation, controls diabetes and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Britain PM Has Announced To Resign From His Office

Britain people have voted in favour of Britain's withdrawal from European Union. And Britain Prime Minister David Cameron has announced to resign from his office.

Britain PM Has Announced To Resign From His Office

Britain people have voted in favour of Britain's withdrawal from European Union. And Britain Prime Minister David Cameron has announced to resign from his office.

CCTV Footage Of Attackers Chasing Amjad Sabri's Car (Video)

CCTV Footage of Amjad Sabri by apakistani

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Top Celebrities Who Converted To Islam (Video)

Amjad Sabri's Murder Image And Video

Renown Qawwal Amjad Sabri's death video has been leaked soon after the incident tool place. He was attacked. Amjad was attacked near Liaqatabad flyover and according to an eye witness was shot 6 bullets out of 11 fired on his vehicle. Amjad was a good cricketer not just a qawwal. MQM's Farooq Sattar issueda statement that Amjad was receiving threats for refusal from a TV program. However, it is said that he also accused PSP for this murder.
Hours after the death of Sabri, famous Noha Khawan who took part in several TV shows alongside Amjad was attacked near Teen Hatti area, However, due to his guards' firing he was rescued. However, Hakeem Ullah group of defunct Tehreek e Taliban has accepted th responsibility of killing Amjad Sabri Qawwal.

Some Most Controversial Personalities In Pakistan

Pakistani people are quite different from the other people in the world. Sometimes they even do not believe in media and easily identify the traitor to their country. They watch different news on media from a different angles of views. They also recognize conspiracies against Pakistan and expose them on Social media. Here are some most disliked people. **-- Hamid Mir Hamid Mir is a popular anchorperson of a famous private News channel. He is one of the top most disliked person in Pakistan. He has been criticized by Pakistani social media because it considers him as a RAW agent. Pakistani social media claims that he is the son of Waris Mir who was the biggest traitor of Pakistan in 1971. **-- Najam Sethi--
Najam Sethi is a news analyst of private news channel Geo News. He is extremely criticized by Pakistani social media because of his secular ideology and friendly trend towards India. According to Najam Sethi 1965 war was lost by Pakistan. He is also accused of 2013 election rigging in Punjab province as he was nominated caretaker CM of Punjab by PPP. **--Hussain Haqqani--
Hussain Haqqani remained Pakistan's ambassador to United States from April 13, 2008 to November 22, 2011. He got the public attention when he was found principal accused in MEMO gate scandal. He has recently used abusive language against Pakistan in US. **-- Actress Meera-- Meera is a popular Lollywood actress. Pakistani social media blasted against her when she migrated to Bollywood and signed and acted in Bollywood movies and found her in bold kissing scenes. She is also famous for her different controversial scandals. **-- Marvi Sarmad-- Marvi Sarmad is one of the most disliked people in Pakistan. She is a journalist and a blogger. Pakistanis hate her for her secular ideologies. According to Marvi the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was secular and he actually wanted a secular Pakistan. She was also criticized when she used abusive language on Twitter. Recently Marvi supported homosexuality in a TV talk show and had a fight with Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI(F). **-- Asma Jahangir:- Asma Jahangir is a lawyer, human rights activist and advocate of supreme court of Pakistan. Pakistani people hate her because of her secular ideology and friendly trend towards India. She also remained the president of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. Some people say she is Qadiani or Ahmadi. She is also against the Hudood Ordinance and Blasphemy law of Pakistan. **--Malala Yousufzai: Malala is a young girl and a Nobel Laureate from Swat, Pakistan. Most of the Pakistanis hate her becaue they think that she has done nothing special for the country. But media raised her to the top because she used to write a secret documentary for BBC with the name of Gul Makai. Pakistanis say that Malala is a CIA agent and she along with her father were found with CIA officers. **-- Altaf Hussain: Altaf Hussain is the chief of MQM and residing in London. Pakistanis consider him responsible for target killing in Karachi, Pakistan. The anger of Pakistanis raised more when Zulfiqar Mirza severely exposed Altaf during a press conference and showed some documents to the media as proof and told that Altaf wanted to divide Pakistan. Recently he is accused of having links with RAW and his arrested workers revealed that they got training from RAW in India. **-- Veena Malik: Veena Malik is also a Pakistani actress who went to India to make her career in Bollywood, but there she has broken all the records of immorality. Pakistanis got angry when she has done bold photoshots in bikini. She claims that she is enlightening' the image of Pakistan, but Pakistanis rightly say she is a prostitute who has destroyed the real image of Pakistani women. **--Shakil Afrii:- Shakil Afridi is a local doctor who played an important role in tracing Osama Ben Laden. He is behind the bars now. He is one of the most disliked and hated person in Pakistn now a days because he was working for CIA. According to people he is responsible for illegal of Abbottabad operation by the US forces.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Qandeel Baloch's Selfies And Video With Mufti Abdul Qavi

Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch continues to hog media limelight time again for one reason or the other. The controversy Queen has again hit the headlines for making selfies and video with Mufti Abdul Qavi. The model shared her new selfies and video with the scholar on her Facebook account, which went viral on social media. Mufti Abdul was quoted as saying in Pakistani media that the meeting took place on the request of controversial model. The model, however, gave a totally different version for their meeting telling Pakistani media that meeting took place on his request as he (Maulana) wanted to see her before Eid moon. The model is also seen wearing Maulana's Jinnah cap in the selfies. Recently the young model tried to approach Tehreek e Insaaf's chairman Imran Khan during a rally to propose her for the marriage. But she was blocked by the party workers, hence she was not able to fulfill her wish to see Khan.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Walking On New York Street In Jeans And Then In Abaya (Video)

Phillipino Maid Converts To Islam After Defaming Her Employer

A Non-Muslim Philipina maid converted to Islam just after learning her employer dropped case against her, while she defamed her employer in home country in newspapers. The maid was arrested just upon her return to Saudi Arabia after her employer Turki Al Jaish reported her to police. Jaish later went to police station in central town of Onaizah and dropped all charges against the maid although she confessed publicly defaming him to stealing jewellery from his house. After dropping the case against her, Jaish took her to his home where she decided to convert to Islam and he told her how to do it. Jaish says now she fasts in Ramadan and has iftar with them. Maid name was changed from Katrina to Jouri. She said I decided to become a Muslim after my employer pardoned me and treated me nicely despite the offences I made against him.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Justin Bieber Falls Off Stage(Video)

Some Interesting Facts About Cricket And Cricketers

It is said that football is the mostly played game in the world. Its fans are found all over the world. But this fact can be denied that cricket is also a popular game too. Its lovers are found in each and nook and corner of the world, especially in African and Asian countries. Here are some interesting facts about cricket. **-- The highest record of runs is 771 and theses were scored by Cavy Boler's over. **-- Pakistani cricketer Saeed Ajmal could was never declared man of the match throughout his whole career. **-- During 1996 in a match in Nairobi, Kenya, played against West Indies, Shahid Afridi had no suitable bat then Waqar Younis handed over Sachhan Tendulkar's bat to Afridi with this bat Afridi hit 11 sixes and six fours and scored 102 runs on 37 balls and he also made a fastest century with this bat that was world record then. **-- The captain of Indian Cricket team Mahendar Singh Dhoni could only score a century in the matches played within Asia but the in th matches played out of Asia he could never score 100 runs. **-- In the history of cricket only four cricketers could play on all the 10 positions of bating. these include Abdul Razzaq, Shoib Malik, Lyze Closner and Talak Retnay. **-- The cricketer called Lord in the world of cricket Bradman could only hit six sixes throughout his career. **-- Inzemam ul Haq used to bowl in International Cricket and got a wicket on first ball of his career. **-- When Sachan Tendulkar began his career in 1989 at the same time 23 other cricketers of different countries began their cricket career and all these cricketers retired before Tendulkar. Among them the last cricketer to be retired was New Zealand's Cris Crats who retired in 2004, ten years before Tendulkar's retirment. **-- Dirk Nannes is among those few players who played international cricket for two countries i.e. Australia and Ireland. **-- The wickets and runs of Shahid Afridi in ODIs are more than Imran Khan. Shahid Afridi hit 378 wickets and scored 7619 runs in ODIs while Imran Khan wickets and runs were 182 and 3709, respectively. **-- Maheela J Wardhanay of Sri Lanka is the only cricketer who scored centuries in semi final and final match of world cup. **-- The world record of being not out in test matches remains with Kortney Wash of West Indies. He was not out 61 times in 185 innings. **-- Graham Smith of England is the only cricketer who hosted his team in 100 test matches. **-- The England team has the "honour" to lose the final match of One Day International of 60 overs in 1979, and then was defeated in 1992's world cup of 50 overs. It again lost the final of Champions Trophy of 20 overs in 2013.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ahmadis Are Quite Different From Muslims, Their Beliefs, Religion, Understanding of Quran And Hadith And Last Messenger All Are Different

The fundamental beliefs of Ahmadiyya community are very well known to every body since the time of its inception. Though Ahmadis have changed their methods of propagation with time that they now represent themselves the most oppressed people in Pakistan and pose their beliefs to be "True Islam". People like Hamza Ali Abbasi raised the question saying that why we we can not give them their rights as Non-Muslims like Hindus and Christians who have their legal rights in Pakistan? The answer to this question is that there are a number of reasons for such an attitude from Muslims in general and one of the main reasons is the dual identity Ahmidiyya community has. The fundamental beliefs of Ahmidiyya are different, their religion is different, and they have their own separate understanding of Quran, separate understanding of Hadith, their last Messenger (Prophet) is different, and the one who does not believe in their Messenger is considered out of the fold of Islam by them. With all these major differences with Muslims if they are going to introduce theirs' 'true Islam' or 'genuine Islam' or to be 'true Muslims' then they are be given the rights that are given to other Non-Muslims like Hindus or Christians as a Hindu will claim his identity as Hindu and Christians will claim to be Christians unlike Ahmadis. And this is one of the main reasons why Ahmadis have been unable to get their rights like other Non-Muslim minorities. Ahmadis Khalifa Nasir Ahmad was opportunity to present their beliefs and proper proceeding took place before issuing order about them. State has the right to restrict any community whose beliefs hurt majority of the people of the country and who with wrong beliefs label themselves as Muslims. State will prefer the rights of th majority.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Husband Employs Lady Bouncer To Beat Wife (Video)

Kissing And Hugging 'Baba' (Saint) Openly In The Name of Curing Sick Women In India (Video)

British MP Jo Cox Was Shot Dead In Northern England

A British law maker, 41-year-old Jo Cox, a mother of two from the opposition Labor Party was killed in a daylight street attack in the village Birstall in northern England. Police later announced th death of Jo- a leading compaigner for Britain to remain in the 28-member bloc. A 52-year-old man has been arrested by police. After the attack the 'Remain' camp said it was suspending all the compaigning for the day, while a spokesman for the rival Vote Leave group said their battle bus was returning to headquarters. Prime minister David Cameron cancelled a planned rally during a historic but controversial visit to Gibralter as a part of his compaign for Britain to stay in the EU in the June 23 vote. The attack halted a frantic day of compaigning, as two new opinion polls indicated that more Britons now want to leave EU than want to stay. If thy prove correct Britain will become the first country in nearly six decades history of the bloc to leave. Cameron was already his way to Gibralter when news of the attack broke, on the first trip of rocky outcrop by a British premier since 1968. His visit has angered Spain which also claims the tiny territory.

Woman In Multan Throws Acid On Man Refusing Her Marriage Proposal

A woman Shamim, 36, mother of four, in Moza Gharyal threw acid on Sadaqat, 24, who rejected her marriage proposal. Shamim was arrested who confessed her crime. Report says the two were having affair for over a year. Shamim told police that Sadaqat promised to marry me after i get divorce from my husband and leave my four children with him. She said we were arguing for over a month and his constant refusal to marry me infuriated me as a result of which I threw acid on him. Sadqat's brother brother denied Shamim's allegations and said Sadaqat was engaged to his cousin and was going to get married after Eid. He added that his brother was a shy boy and used to avoid ladies.