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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mini Pakistan In India

Indian Muslim majority in Ahmadabad city have named their area as 'Mini Pakistan' while area in Hindu majority is named as 'Mini India; ' "Modi Sarkar" has surrendered before the citizens and now the areas have been registered with the same name. More interestingly the road joining these areas has been named 'Wahga Border'. Utility bills and postal addresses also mention 'Mini Pakistan' and 'Mini India' for the citizens of the .

Microsoft CEO Satya Disgraced Modi

Indian born Chief Executive officer (CEO) of techno giant Microft, Satya Nadella humiliated Indian prime minister Narendra Modi when he cleaned his right hand with left after shaking hands with Indian PM as he can be seen in the video stepping forward after shaking hands (Watch the video). A random mobile made video that caught the scene has jolted the social media.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Afridi's Unique World Record In Cricket History

World famous Pakistani all rounder Shahid Khan Afridi has become the first international cricketer to score 11,000 runs with strike rate of more than 100. According to details Pakistani T 20 captain has created a history in the international cricket arena as he became the first player to score 11000 runs in international cricket at striking strike rate. Afridi scored 11000 international runs in all formats of cricket with the strike rate of 113.

In Southern Sudan Women Are Held As Slaves In 'Rape Camps'

Brutal 21-month conflict in Southern Sudan has resulted ambush, rape and abduction by armed men of the women and girls living at the base camp. One woman was abducted by soldiers and taken to military camp tied up and raped repeatedly for two months. Another was kidnapped with her 15-year-old sister and raped every night for five nights. Some are held up indefinetely, and tied up with hundred others in secret rape camps. Plight of perhaps thousands of South Sudanese women and girls from just a single state by government soldiers, abducted and subjected to repeated brutal rape and slave-like working conditions remained hidden up til now. One woman who escaped told when one of the soldiers wanted to have sex he would come un tie us and take us away when they are done they will take us back and tie with the post.

Some Of The Most Unusual Models

*-- You know how some say model starve themselves to stay thin. This is not the case for former Miss Earth New Zealand, Nela Zisser. This 23-year old beauty a You Tube channel she specializes in competitive food challenges, such as eating five-feet long sub just in a more than nine minutes and a one-kilo burrito under two minutes. Her latest video has left the internet baffled. She wolfed down 20 McDonald's cheeseburgers in just 16 minutes and put Man vs Food Star Adam Richman to shame.Nela now traveled the country entering cometitive eating contest.
*--19-year-old Canadian model Winney Harlow is the star of two major spring/summer fashion compaigns. A sufferer of Vitiligo, a skin pigment disorder, Winnie is changing the fashion industry, one compaign at a time. in 2015, she was unveiled as the face of Spanish brand Desigual's spring/summer compaign entitled,"Say Something Nice" and has been confirmed as their official brand ambassador. She also stars in Diesel's SS15 Ads, which aims to promote "Tolerance, quality and Unconditional Love." She has 430,000 followers on Instagram.
*-- Melanie Gaydose is suffering from rare genetic condition that causes growth abnormalities, but this has not stopped her successful medelling. Maydose was born with ectodermal dysplasia, a disorder that affects growth of teeth, pores, cartilage, nails and even small bones. She is bald and have no adult teeth. Malanie has also a bilateral cleft platte and alopecia, which inhibited her natural hair growth. Her modeling career shortly after she moved to New York.
*-- Kelly Knox is the UK's top disabled model. She challenges the beauty ideal and is an advocate for the diversity in the fashion industry. Kelly was born without a left forearm, and since the age of seveb she has refused to wear prosthetic. In 2008, Knox won Britians's Missing Top Model. She was one of the eight physically challenge contestants. She has since modeled in the shows for London's Fashion Week. She walked in the "Trends For 2013Fashion Show" for Proctor and Gamble Beauty " Vision House" in Beijing. She has also been featured in advertising compaigns all over the world.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Is The Blood Moon Sign Of The World's End?

Upcoming super-lunar eclipse has become the hot topic for everyone these days, most of the people believe it is the end of the world, while it is the sign of the arrival of the Jesus Christ according to Christan's belief. Pastor Mark Blitz of the El Shaddai ministries in Tacoma, Washington was first to hit upon the prediction the last of the four blood moon eclipses was a sign from God to he end was upon us. He published the book 'Blood Moons': decoding Immenent Heavenly Signs in March 2014, and said mankind was at the door before ruptue. Pastor John Hagee said it was a massive demonstration from the heaven. He added those were ready to meet God it would really be a time for rejoice.
According to NASA lunar eplipses are not s strange phenomenon as there are two eclipses per year. Blood moon happens when moon slides into the Earth's shadow, casting a reddish hue on the moon. For Muslims lunar and solar eclipses are the sings of power and Mighty of Allah Almighty. Cosmetic events and natural phenomena have scientific reasons that people may know by means of scientific research and study. Muslims, however, do not connect such events to life, death, birth or return of anyone. Rare blood lunar eclipse is due to begin at 0511 PM in Pakistan on Monday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum Really Died Of Heart Attack?

Sheikh Rashid, the eldest son of Dubai's Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was born with silver spoon in mouth. Sheikh Rashid's father must have had a lot of expectations from his future, but on Satureday, 33, year old Rashid was laid to rest, after apparent dying of heart attack at home. British newspapar has raised so many questions on the untimely death of Sheikh Rashid. His death has left many questions unanswered--particularly what caused a hlthy man to die in such a young age.
Although the official cause of the death has been given as a heart attack, allegations of drug and steroid abuse and several stints in rehab have long percolated through Emirati circles. Rashid, who at one point held hig profile roles, quitly withdrew from public life in the years leading to his death and became an enigmatic figure in the Emirates he was once desine to rule.
Born in November 1981, Rashid was the son of Dubai ruler's principal wife Sheikha Hind Bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum.
He graduated from Sandhurst, in 2002, a top training college for British military officers. On return to Dubai, he assumed a number of high profiles, and took on a number of prominent public roles, as well as partnreship in a series of lucrative business.

Jahangir Tareen's Journey From A Lecturer To A Billionaire

Jahangir Tareen, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf is the owner of a jet plane and billions of assets as well he is a big landlord. One time he had been working for a salary of Rs 705 per month. He said that one must than Allah for His mercy and what has He has given to him. He said "I did many works as business and politics, but mostly I enjoyed is agriculture". He paased MBA from the USA in the age of 22 years and then he came to Pakistan. He said if he would have stayed there then he would have never come to Pakistan. In Pakistan he had taught in Punjab University in the department of public administration then served in a bank for three years. Now he is among the top leaders of PTI. Watch and listen to his video talks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

PhD's Applied For Office Boy Post In India (Video)

In the norther State Uttar Pradesh of India highly educated people applied for 368 office boy posts (Peon). The 2.3 million applications included those with PhD dgrees. The the post needs only literate candidate with knowing cycling but the unemployment situation in India is worst than Pakistan. In Pakistan no master\s degree holder will apply for grade 1 one post what to speak of PHD's.

Indian Man Trying To Abuse A Foreign Woman Was Caught On CCTV (Video)

Indian boys after hearing the scream of a woman ran after the man trying to abuse Uzbek woman, grabbed the man.

Corrupt Politicians And Bureaucrats Are To Be Caught After Eid

Renowned anchor person Dr Shahid Masood has claimed that the recent operation against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats will gain more pace after Eid ul Azha. It is good news and the real Eid day will be for the common Pakistani when corrupt people will come in the grip of law and are behind the bars. The operation will be extended to business community too as Miyyan Manha's confessions have revealed so many big names. It was the opinion of Dr Shahid that big fish will be nested soon. The corruption has checked the progress, development and progress of Pakistan otherwise Pakistan isone of the richest countries in the world regarding natural resources and manpower, intelligentia and courageous, well trained and bold army. Politicians and dirty politics have destroyed this beautiful country. May Allah bless and save Pakistan from corrupt foreigners in the form of Pakistani politicians.

Never, Ever Type These 16 Characters On Google For Searching Anything

If you are a Google Chrome surfer then be cautious when searching on the web and never type these letters in searching tab. DO NOT CLICK IT! http//a/%% 30% 30. If ever, even by mistake typed or copied and pasted the above characters in URL field, your browser will crash at once. Someone may play a prank at you by sending this as a link into your inbox or tweet it, Never click it! An American computer expert identified this and told an interesting fact that characters are only vulnerable for Desk Top and Lap Top users, while internet surfers on mobile and tablets will not face any harm. Google is currently working on it and it is hoped that it will be fixed soon. But till then be very cautious.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sister Of Michael Jackson Singer Janet Embraced Islam

American pop singer Janet Jackson, the sister of Michael Jackson has announced to embrace Islam. Janet,45, was married to billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012. She was highly impressed by her husband and Islam, she also left unseemly customs. Regarding conversion to Islam Janet said that she had also told her family members and they supported her. Janet has taken enormous time
to read teachings of Islam. Meanwhile, she also excused to attend Heart Radio Music Festival. British newspaper 'The Sun' referring to the source close to the singer Janet Jackson told that after entring into the circle of Islam Janet is very relaxed and satisfied and also has been very far away from indescent dance and sex music. She has also denounced to World Tour Music Shows and abondoned 'Unbreakable' World Music Tour shows saying INSHA ALLAH. Congratulations Janet. You have chosen the right path and got both 'Deen and Dunya. May Allah bless you.

Muslim Should Not Be Elected As President Of US---- Carsen

A news controversy hit US when Republican presidential candidate Ben-Carsen said no MUSLIM should be president of United States. A retired brain surgeon who often refers to his deep Christian faith, when asked in an interview whether a person's religion should matter. "I guess it depends on what that faith is. If it is inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter. If it fits within the realm of America and is consistent with the constitution -No problem." he said. When asked about his thoughts if Islam is consistent with the constitution of America, he responded, No, I do not, I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree. He added. The council on Islamic-American Relations said Carsons comments make him unfit to be president. This makes him disqualified from being a president, The CIAR's director said. He advised to the GOP presidential candidates to read US constitution if they have not yet! It keeps America Great.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Taji Khokhar Of PPP Has Been Arrested

Imtiaz Khokhar alias Taji Khokhar, who is told to be close aide of Asif Ali Zardari nd an important personality of Islamabad , Rawalpindi has been arrested by security forces. He was arresed under land grabbing charges. Huge cache of automaic assault rifles, pistols, a large amount of ammunition laptops, cameras, cam-copters and other gadgets were recovered during the extensive operation.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some Interesting Photoshop Mistakes

This happens when one trusts a little too much on her/his photoshop skills. See the xtra hand in pic of the lady who trusted her photoshop skills.
*-- See the stomach of the woman on the 'Before" picture. Another mistake.
*-- World's smallest waist? From Maxim Mexico.
*-- The model had apparently stroke during shoot (Right Eye).
*--At 4 AM, somewhere,a designer woke up screaming "OMG! I forgot to put her finger back"
Is she about to devour her friend?

Watch The Video What The Wife Is Saying About Her Husband

Though some people may criticise the videos like this, but the reality should be brought to light to safeguard the women married to such persons and disclose the facts to solve the issues. Most women do not tell stories like this and pass whole life in hell.

Friday, September 18, 2015

PML(N) Became Too Kind To Actress Resham To Make Her MPA in Punjab Assembly

One of the journalists talking to a private TV channel disclosed that Pakistan Muslim League (N) wants to make film actress Resham member of provincial assembly on a seat in Faisalabad constituency vacated by Kaneez Akhtar due to her death. What the talker said watch on video.

PAF Airbase In Badaber (Peshawar) Attacked

Commander of Jinnah Wing Captain Asfandyar Bukhari embraced martyrdom in Badaber Air camp in an attack by Taliban. Capt Asfand was leading the troops from the front during the operation.
A group of 15-20 terrorists attacked the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) camp at Inqalab road in Peshawar's Badaber area during the Fajr prayer time on Friday. The terrorists in two groups attacked the camp from two different sides. One group engaged the security forces while other wanted to break in. Terrorists opened fire on camp's mosque and killed 16 Namazis (offering prayer). According to ISPR reports "All the terrorists were wearing explosive-laden jackets, and were armed with hand-propelled geranades, mortars and AK-47 rifles. Eyewitnesses claim they saw six to seven terorists wearing black militia uniform with white shoes. A heavy contingent reached the spot when attack took place. General Raheel Sharif has reached Peshawar. TTP's spokesperson Muhammad Khurasani claimed the resposibility for the attack in an e-mail sent to journalists.

Can You Believe, Is This TV Channel Of An Islamic Country? Watch Video and Decide Yourself

Aesha Mumtaz Is Facing Severe Resistance From Corrupt Elements

Director Punjab Food Authority Aesha Mumtaz has faced severe opposition and resistace from some corrupt people, during her duty. Whwn she raided on Nadeem Bouphe in Lahore area of Faisal Town, she was not allowed to enter the restaurant and the administration resisted badly to get food checked. However, this courageous did not leave and stayed in the hotel premises and called police at 15. However, she checked the food and clealiness of the restaurant and on unsatisfactory conditions of the restaurant, it was sealed. This will happen many times as the hotels and restaurants are providing poison to the customers in the form of food items and same is true of factories making drinks and other bakery items.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clock Inventor 14-Year Student was Arrested In Texas

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wants to meet the boy, 14-year Ahmad who built a clock and was arrested in American state of Texas when he took it to school. Mark said," having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause not arrest. The future belongs to people like Ahmad." Mark added Ahmad! If you ever want to come by Facebook, I would like to meet you. On other hand US president Obama invited Muslim student Ahmad who built a clock, to White house. Obama congratulated Ahmad on his skills and issued a presidential invitation, in what amounts to a pointed rebuke to school and police officials who precipitated his arrest. Cool clock Ahmad. want to bring it to White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It is what makes America great," Obama tweeted. The teen was led out of his Texas school after a teacher mistook his homemade digital clock for a bomb, prompting accusations of Islamophobia and an online backlash. A photo of Ahmad standing in handcuffs while wearing a t-shirt with the US space agency NASA's logo was Retweeted thousand of times in a matter of hours and |#I StandWithAhmad" was the top trending hashtag on Twitter. Among those voicing support for the boy was Hillary Clinton who Tweeted " Assumptions and fear do not keep us safe- they hold us back. Ahmad, stay curios and keep building."

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Many Big Names Belonging To Electronic And Print Media Are The Beneficiaries Of "Bahria Town"

According to news and social media, many famous TV channel anchors are on the pay roll of Malik Riaz. Anchors like Kamran khan, Javed Chaudhary and Najam Sethi are doing their best to save Malik Riaz. These and several other electronic media persons have been paid billion of rupees as bribery and plots in Islamabad have been given. Among them a host of private TV channel who has been federal minister has been paid Rs 20.5 million rupees in three installments through National Bank and given a Mecedes car. Similarly all other have been paid.

Real Curves On The Catwalk- Size 16 Ashley Leads The Cast (Videos)

History was made at New York Fashion Week when a group of stunning models of all shapes and sized took to the catwalk to model a collection lingerie designed by plus-size model and body-positive compaigner Ashley Graham. The size 16 model,28, debuted her latest lingerie line for Canadian retailer, by both starring in and running the show alongside a cast of her fellow curvy models.
There was a plenty of diversity on the catwalk whether that be in shape, size or color. Every model walked down the catwalk featuring teddies with sheer paneling, lace-line satin bras, high waisted panties and sultry corset combinations.
Body-positive activist Ashley Graham is no stranger to ground breaking modelling, having previously been the first plus-size model to grace the pages of Sports illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Dr Aysha Mumtaz-- Doing What The Corrupt Male Beurucrates Did Not Do Intentionally

Dr Aysha(+)! Please carry on your honest and courageous duty oe arrest the corrupt owners of shops and seal the bakeries of the people offering sub-standard food items to Pakistanis. Pakistanis are with you except a few inhumen administrators and politicians. Like they saved Marriot Hotel with only 0.4 million rupee fine. You did and are doing a wonderful job that no food authorities could do before. May Allah bless you ad help you. Can those people be called Muslims who are making donkey's, dogs and pork meat to eat by Pakistanis.? Never. You will meet hinderances, difficulties and troubles by many people even your colleagues but please do not hesitate to do what you are doing and do not leave the right path you are following. The bold and honest lady exlained about providing information and photos of sealed hotels to Facebook that the information about fined hotels are given to Facebook not those that have cases in courts. That is fine Dr Aysha is doing right job, world must know abot the 5 and 7-star hotels that are providing inhygenic and substandard food to their guests and customers. All the steps she is taking are in the favour of common people and are correct to the tune of 200 percent. She did nothing wrong. Dr Aysha has also clerified the news about her having any blood relation to late comedy actor Rangeela. She said she had no blood relation with the late actor. The news is quite baseless. Dr Aysha! you are honest and couragous but simple monded staightfarward lady and you have stopped the earning of many people so you have created may enemies. This type of news are spread by corrupt people. Kind Lady! go ahead, true Pakistanis pray for you, Allah will protect you from your enemies. Long Live Dr Aysha Mumtaz(+).

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reham Khan Proposed Me For Marriage--- Reham's Ex-Husband (Video)

Q & A with PJ Mir – 14th September 2015 by Makeuptutorials

Rreham khan's Ex-husband said that she herself proposed me on the eve of my brother's marriage, and he said he did not understand why did she suddenly opened his gun's fire on me and and a front against me. He said their marriage was not arranged. Dr Ejaz said he was also searching a good girl for marriage. When Reham Khan proposed I said "I am in seach of nice girl" She replied that good girl is before uoy and he said yes to her prposal and they got married. Dr Ejaz said many things now watch and listen to long video conversation of Dr Ejaz.(Video)

Selena Gomez In Sexy Lingerie

Selena Gomez is all grown up! The 'Good For You' singer leaves little to the imagination in her latest instagram photo. She shared a photo last week, wearing nothing but a black strappy bra, high- waisted underwear and sheer tights. Gomez has been teasing a special fan event on Sept 16 to celebrate release of her new album 'Revival', which is set to drop on Oct 19. "You guys can still sign up for my little Revival in September because I want want to meet yall and share some stuff." she captioned the super sultry photo.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Reham Khan's Son Defended Her Mother In His Blog

The wife of chairman Tehreek e Insaaf Reham Khan after marrying Imran Khan alleged his former husband Dr Ejaz Rehman of violation. After a long silence Dr Ejaz answered the Reham's allegations nearly two weeks back and attacked Rehamm Khan wordly. Though Reham Khan remained silent after Dr Rehman's allegations but her son Sahir Khan has defended her mother and answered to the allegations and blames of his father on his mother, in a blog. He wrote that he and his sister were the witnesses of cruelity of their father. He said that his surname was Khan and he had been writing Khan for the last 10 years. Dr Ejaz Rahman had said that Reham Khan has filled the minds of his children with poison against him. Sahir Khan said in his blog that violation and maltreatment of Dr Ejaz against their mother as well against them has been proved in the court and court has ordered Dr Ejaz to remain 100 meters away from our house. Sahir khan also said the people favoring my father should be ashamed of, he is a cruel person. Sahir Khan appreciated the courage, strength and determination of his mother who lonely reared him and his sister for ten years along with her work and job, after taking divorce from Dr Rehman.

Kylie Jenner Bites Tyga's Lips (Video)

I Am Ready To Marry Shahid Afridi--- Indian Actress Arshi Khan

Indian Model and actress Arshi Khan who recently agreed to marry Shahid Afridi on his consent after accusing him of having physical relation has now said that she is receiving 'threat calls' from Pakistan'. Police has registered a complaint regarding death threats at Malad police station Mumbai. She said," I have received call which seems to come from Karachi and Lahore over the last two days. They claim to kill me as they say I am disgrace to Islam." She also claim that caller threatened to rape her and throw acide on her face. She also claim to receive similar calls from Meerut, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir. This C-grade actress get into controversy when on Twitter she to have intimate relations with Shahid Afridi. However, it seems to defame Shahid, Pakistani cricketers and the Muslims creating a public stunt. She also said that she was ready to marry Shahid. While Shahid Afridi is already married to Nadia Khan having four daughters.

Girls Dancing In A Pakistani University (Video)

Leak Video Of Vulgar And Shameless Dance Of... by awaizppp