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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bollywood Actress Mamta Kulkami Embraced Islam

Former beautiful and sizzling Indian actress Mamta Kulkami has accepted Islam as best religion. She converted to Islam recently and is living with her husband Vicky Goswani who has already converted to Islam. Kulkami got married in 2013 and is living in Nairobi, KENYA with her husband. In this modern age many non-Muslims are converting to Islam considering the best religion in the world. Mamta got fame due to her film "ghattak". Vicky Goswani was arrested in UAE in drug smuggling case and was sentenced to 25 years in jail. But was released in 2012. His conversion to Islam was the main reason for for his major reduction in sentence. Kulkami got married to Vicky when he was in jail. She managed her husband's hotel business outside when he was in jail. She was in relationship with Goswani and it turned into long lasting relation when couple got married. In 1990's Kulkami came up as hot and bold actress in Indian film industry. Her bold and hot pictures were published in in fashion magazines and tabloids. But after she left showbiz, she rejected films offers and also dance programs. But she kept herself out of the showbiz.

Civil Court issued Arrest Warrant Of Actress Meera

A civil judge issued arrest warrants of film actress Meera on the petetion filed by her proclaimed husband Attiq ur Rahman. Court issued orders to present herself before the court on November 17. The court issued several notices to Meera but she did bother to attend the court nor did she hired any lawyer to pursue the case. Earlier, the court heard the petition in which Attiq ur Rahman claimed that Meera was his legal wife and she could not tie her knot to someone else.

Stay Away From Me---Kareena

Bollywood 'Babo' Kareena Kapoor has told her husband Saif Ali Khan to stay away from her for three to four hours on daily basis. It is not that Kareena and Saif are planning divorce. In fact, she has told everyone to leave her alone for the said period as she is preparing for the upcoming film role. It is known to all that will next be seen in R.Balki's next film starring Arjun Kapoor in leading role besides her. The movie will feature Kareena in a unique role, as she will essay a working wife whereas Arjun will play a groundedm, stay-at-home spouce.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Special Olympians Won Five Gold Medals For Pakistan

Pakistan's special Olympians won five gold medals in the special Olympics Los Angeles 2015. Aqsa Janjua won gold medal in 50 meters backstrok. Pakistani players showed brilliant performance in the special Olympics. Pakistani tennis players beat Venezuela and won gold medal and Jahanzeb Iqbal won gold medal in badminton. Pakistan's specil Olympian Aqsa Janjua won silver medal in 50 meters free style swimming. Asim Zar won first ever gold medal inside the Uytengsu Aquatics at University of Souther California. Asim won the gold medal in 100 meters freestyle swimming competition.

Is Mullah Umar, The Supreme Command of Taliban Dead ?

The White House has said that death reports of Taliban leader Mulla umar "are credible". But the spokesperson said the intelligence community is looking at the reports and continues at the circumstances around around his death. However, the spokesperson of Afghanistan's intelligence Agency Haseeb Siddiqui said Mulla Umar dies two years earlier in Karachi's hospital during April 2013 under mysterious circumstances. However,American Media House Voice of America (VoA) totally denied the death of Mullah Umar saying he is alive. After the news published on BBC Afghan Taliban also announced the death of their leader. Pakistan media also announced the news of his death. Afghan government has also confirmed the death of Mulla Umar. Mulla Umar was the supreme commander of Taliban and now the his life chapter is closed when Taliban announced his death. Full name of Mullah Umar is Muhammad Umar Mujahid. He was born in Kandhar province of Afghanistan in 1992. Mullah Umar was the 11th head of state under the official title of ' head of the supreme council' from 1996 to 2001. He held the title of "Commander of Faithfuls" (Ameer ul Mominine)". of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Islamic Emirate was the state established by Taliban in 1996. Mullah Umar was the top most wanted person by the United States Department's Rewards for Justice programe since 2001. US set USD 10 million bounty on Mulla Umar and declared him most wanted person for sheltering Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leadders before 9/11 attacks. Mullah Umar was very tall arounf 6 ft 6 in ans was very shy shy and non-talkative to foreigners. However, he was the person from whom th US feared and he was the symbol of fear for the USA.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some Of The Most Disturbing Body Parts Of The Body After Plastic Surgery

*-- A woman who spent about $ 15,000 on illegal hip and butt injections shed light on the secret world of black market sosmetics procedures in a new book. In a raw and honest accounm Vanity Wonder,30, mother of two from America's Midwest has revealed how she became addicted to silicon shots to increase the size of her behind. "Shot Girls" details her own experiences of seeking out and having injections, and how she became assistant to a black market practitioner who treated woman from 17-year-old brought by her proud mother to a senior in her seventies with bifocals and artificial teeth.
*-- A woman desperate to look like Jessica Rabbit has won the dubious honour of being in possession of world's biggest lips after having 100 silicon injections. Kristina Rei,22, was convinced her thin lips made her ugly so she opted to have them enlarged in the style of her favourite cartoon character at a cost of more than pounds 4,000. Now the nail technician admits she has addiction, but still plans to have her so-called trout pout even made more outrageous. Each injection roughly costs pounds 40 and is extremely painful, but Kristina from St Petersberg insists nothing will stop her.
*-- Valeria Lukanova is the self-proclaimed " most famous woman on Russian-language internet. The 21-year Ukranian first made a splash in her native Ukrain and neighbouring Russia a few years back with her anime-style barbie doll looks. After she hit it big on the Russian-language internet, netizen started digging her old social networking posts and profiles catalouging all the rumoured surgeries she had undergone -from nose job to rib removal. She certainly has a tiny waist.

Pak Army Released Images Obtained By Indian Spy Drone

Pakistan Army obtained all the data from Indian spy drone, shot down by single fire of G3 on July 16, 2015. Indian spy drone entered from Indian controlled area and was hit down by Mujahid force. According to ISPR photos and videos recovered from the internal memory card of the spy drone proved that it was flown by Indian army. Though Indian authorities, as usual, denied the fact that Pakistan Army shot down Indian spy drone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pakistanis Show Support For Zaid Hamid On Social Media


People of Pakistan showed support for Zaid Hamid and posted message in favour of Zaid and Pak Army in top twitter trend. People of Pakistan, specially youth showed support for Zaid HAMID JUST AFTER A DAY NEWS CAME FROM sAUDI aRABIA THAT zAID WAS BEING LASHED IN PRISON. Hamid was detained while on a private visit to Kingdom with his wife. He was arrested for a speech against Saudi government and the Arabs in a public gathering. Zaid Hamid previously known as alleged supporter and benefactor of Yousuf Kazzab from Lahore who claimed to be prophet (Naozu billah). He was sentenced to death by a lower court and was murdered in jail by a man named Tariq.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pakistani Businessman Marries Indian Actress Nigaar Khan

. Pakistani businessman Khayyam Sheikh married Indian actress Nigaar Khan in Abu Dhabi.The actress' elder sister Gauhar Khan was also present on the occasion. Pakistani businessman Khayyam was Nigaar's longtime boyfriend and they were introduced to each other by their cousin. Khayyam is businessman based in Dubai.

Narendra Modi Is The Most Stupid Prime Minister---- Google

The World's most largest search engine 'Google' has said that Narendra Modi is the on the top of the list of most stupid prime ministers. Google has still used light word for Modi's stupidity. He is one of the mad and senseless prime ministers of the world. But, Google did not list Nawaz Sharif, how much he has sympathy with Pakistanis?. Most stupid prime ministers of the world list comprises of British prime minister David Cameron, Australian prime minister Tonny Abbott, Canadian PM Stephen Harpar and Thailand's former prime minister Lingluck Shinawatra. After this search results on social media, the people of India have bashed the managent of Google and have asked for apology, while people of Pakistan enjoyed image results and called it the fact of the century. Earlier, Google results for top ten criminals of the world also displayed Modi's pictures along with others who India calls criminals like Dawood Ibrahim and Al Capone. How long Indians will deny the facts that are noticed by the world but not by mentally blind Indians.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Twitter Users Demand Ban On 'Bajrangi Bhaijan'


Every Indian movie or statement by indian politicians or ministers will get great response in western countries when these are against Pakistan as Salman's latest movie "Bajrangi Bhaijan" though most of the Pakistanis have enjoyed it without understanding its theme and now are demanding to ban.
Twitter users claim that Indian Movie makers try to create an impression that Indian men are more humanly than Pakistani men. They claim that Indian actors and politicians openly call Pakistanis as terrorists.
Those Pakistanis who watch Indian movies, do forget about the killings and brutalities of Indian army on unarmed Kasmiris or they do not remember it as Pakistani Prime Minister ignores Modi's open statement of war by India on East Pakistan and separating our one arm and sends him gifts of mangoes.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kylie Jenner Graduates, Friends Celebrated Her Graduation

Kylie Jenner's graduation is official!. And to celebrate teenage reality TV star was thrown a surprise party by friends and family. The star studded bash was organised by mom Kris Jenner and hosted by Ryan Seacrest and was attended by sisters Kandall, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. Also on the invite list and seen in videos was was Kylie;s boyfriend Tygaand Khloe's rumoured new squeeze James Harden. Posting a photograph of herself in full graduation ragalia Kylie proudly showed off her diploma.

MQM Offices Opened After Brief Shut Down-2

It seems like Altaf Hussain's senses are not working due to high blood pressure, anger and disappointment, because every time he changes his orders. After talking harsh language against pak army,security forces and present rulers, but not a single word abuut Scotland Yard or London Metropolitan Police, who are investigating against him and near to put him under arrest. Recently upset with with the behaviour of his party leaders over glitches in organisational matters Alataf Hussain on Wednesday ordered to shut down all offices, but he withdrew his orders few hours later. Most of the anger of Altaf Hussain was directed at the Rabta Committee for not working effectively and did not respond to the present situation faced by the party. Altaf was also angry because of the date in an event the party was supposed to hold. His anger was also directed against members of Rabita Committe who were not present in Nine Zero and did not listen to his address.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top MQM Leadership Is Hiding Leaving Workers On Their Own

Majority of the top MQM leaders have gone underground, neither they are sleeping in their own homes, nor participating in TV talkshows, others have limited their movements, and are sleeping in the homes of relatives secretely. The top leadership has decided to hide themselves after the the arrest of Qamar Mansoor. The security agencies have received green signals to to arrest the wanted persons/leaders. The MQM's top leaders hiding underground include Farooq Sattar, Haidar Abbas Rizvi, Faisal Sabswari, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Wasim Akhatar, Reehan Hashmi, Sultan Mujahid Balooch, Abdul Rasheed Godail, Abdul Aziz, Noor Jan Zaidi, Kishwar Zahra, Zahida Begum and many others. Thenames of several of these leaders are includedin the FIR for arranging and listening to speeches against security agencies and the country.

Disabled Girl Flies Plane With Feet

A 32 year old woman Jessica Cox was born without arms as a result of rare birth defect.This has not proven a disability for this inspirational and self-motivated woman who has adapted to life by using her feet. The psychology graduate can write, type, drive a car,brush her hair and talk on her phone by simply using her feet. She also became the first armless black belt in the American Tae Kwon Do Association. By defying all odds, five years ago she became the first woman to fly plane with her feet. She recalls as a child Jessica always wanted to fly over the playground like a Superwoman, because she was so angry about how limited she was. The only thing she was afraid of was flying. But few years ago she given the chance to overcome her fear. She learned to fly in rudderless light Ercoupe aircraft, where one needs only hands to control it rather than both hands and feet. It took her three hard years to complete the traing, but but she sais it was the most fantastic feeling in the world. Now, Jessica travels around the world as motivational speaker with her own life as an example of what one can achieve if he/she wants to do so.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Execution Of Blasphemy Accused Asia Bibi Has Been Stayed By Supreme Court

Supreme court of Pakistan today stayed execution of Asia Bibi on blasphemy charges, The full bench of the court ordered to stop the immplementation till next order. Asia Bibi was found guilty of making derogatory comments about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during an argument with a Muslim woman. Earlier the Lahore High Court had rejected her appeal against the sentence passed by a lower court. Asia Bibi's sentenced in November 2010, sparked a global condemnation.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saudi Girls Harrassment Video Got Viral on Social Media

A video in Saudi Arabia created a buzz in which young boys are seen following and harrassing young girls. This video was shot in Karnish area on Saadi street. The boys following the girls are teasing them, demanding phone numbers and some inviting them to dinner. This video got viral after being uploaded. Saudi citizens have demanded strict actions against the boys seen in the video. Ameer Khalid Ul Faisal has ordered Makka police to investigate the crime and arrest the boys seen in the video.

Real Face Of India Through Social Media

Twitter users burst on Indian government led by Nrindra Modi through Twitter. This is second trend in couple of days in which Pakistanis humilates Indians. Pakistanis showed the real face of India. Another Tweet describes the killing of Dalits who were mowed down by a tractor and officially called group clash.
Dalits are routinely run over by Hindus (majority) as no one cares about them in the so called "biggest biggest" democracy.
India accounts one third of its population as above picture of hungry children shows.
As above picture shows Pak Army is nt only loved by Pakistanis but is loved by the people of other countries because their services for humaninity are matcheless. They serve the war and hunger strickencountries of Africa. The dirty Hindus drink donkey milk as their former prime minister Desai used to drink his own urine early in the morning in breakfast as shown in the the following image.
For the last several years India has been allegating Pakistan from Mumbai attacks to shooting on LoC but no proofs could be given /presented to the world. India is the biggest lier in the world.

Indian Man Raped And Killed 15 Children As Serial Killer

Ravindra Kumar who was arrested on July 15 for raping and killing six year old in town of Noida. The victim's body was found in an under construction building. The killer said he was under the influence of alcohol and that if he had not been arrested he would have continued killing and raping minors. Kumar's first crime took place in 2008 and the number increased over the years. He assaulted the children by luring them with sweets and candies. He reportedly also sexually abused the corposes of his victims.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dr Tanveer Zamani Discussing An Objectional Topic In TV Show

Tanveer Zamani & Anchor Discussing Shameless... by zemtv

Dr Tanveer Zamaniadmitting her marriage to Zardari and says has no jealousY with AYAAN aLI.

Fiber Optics Data Transfer Has Broken The Barrier

Fiber optics data transfer had a long distance data transfer barrier that has been finally broken by Qualcomm's electrical engineers at university of California, breaking the barriers for a biig leap in communication history. The new study has not only silenced all the " Network overload" fears for decades to come by increasing the power of optical signals to a twenty times higher level. Engineers have successfully beamed information 12,000 kilometers without any electronic regeneration support to boost the signal overcoming the interference between carriers.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

After RAW, Israeli Spy Agency Is Entering In Pakistan-- Shahid Masood

After the India spy Agency RAW, the warriors of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, MOSSAD, the Jewish spy agency has also entered into terrorist activities in Pakistan. The spy agency of Israel is now hyperactive in blood shedding activities in the country. The activists have cross-linkage both with warriors and political groups.