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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Husband Divorces Wife And Sues Her For Ugly Baby

According to media reports, Jian Feng, a resident of Northern China allegedly married a girl and his wife soon became pregnant. After childbirth Feng realiozed the baby was ugly and he could not believe that his beautiful wife gave birth to such an ugly baby girl. He repotedly alleged his wife of some illicit contacts because the baby nothing looked like eitjher of the parent. He insisted that his wife must tell him whom the father of this ugly baby was. However, his wife insister too that ugly baby resembled her and then she admitted to having imtensive plastic surgery for $100,000 before met and married him. The surgery completely altered her and she turned into a beautiful girl. But the genes of her passed on to the baby that inherited her ugliness and her other genetically transmitted characters. But not the genes of apparently beautiful wife Feng wanted to see in the baby or hoped for. According to a local newspaper Feng divorced his and sued her for lying about her beauty and previous surgeries. Feng won the lawsuit taking home $ 120,000 for settlement.

Vegetarians Are 32 % Less Likely To Die From Heart Attack

A study of 44,500 people in England and Scotland shows vegetarians were 32 % less likely to die from heart diseases or need hospitalization than those eating meat or fish. Difference in cholestrol level, blood pressure and body weight are thought to be behind the health boost. The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Heart diseses is a major cause of death in Western countries. It kills more than 94,000 people in UK each year-- more than from any other disease and 2.6 milllion people live with the condition. The heart's own blood supply is blocked up by fatty deposites in the arteries that nourish heart muscle. It can cause angina or even lead to heart attack if the blood vessels are blocked completely. Scietists at the University of Oxford analyzed data from 15,100 vegetarians and 29,400 from the people who ate meat and fish. Over the course of 11 years, 169 people in the study died from the heart disease and 1066 needed hospital treatment- and they were more likely to heve been meat and fish eaters than vegetarians. The results showed the vegetarians had lower blood pressure, lower level of bad cholestrol and were more likely to have healthy weight.

Eighty Percent Of The Wives Tell Wrong Prices Of Their Dresses To Husbands

A recent survey revealed that every 8 wives out of 10 delete the prices on price tags of their purchased dresses to avoid the anger of their husbands. In the survey report it was said that majority of the wives term their costly purchased dresses as cheaper before their husbands and save themselves from any investigation about the prices by their husbands.

Fish Do Not Feel Pain

Hunting the fish through brutal acts had been under discussion throughoput the world, but a new study hass revealed that fish do not feel pain. The study indicated fish have no brain or pain feeling system so they so they can not feel it. The tests results show that the injections that cause human being to feel pain have no affect on fish.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MD PTv Appeared Before The NA Standing Committee Regarding Aeysha Sana's Allegations

Managing Director of PTV Yousuf Baig Mirza appeared before the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Human Rights on Wednesday (Today) to clarify his position after television artist Aeysha Sana accused him of blackmailing her in the garb of marriage. The Standing committee after examining the documentary evidences submitted in the committee by "+"Aeysha Sana claiming that she was the ex-wife of MD PTv. Committe directed the representatives of law division, Pims and Council of Islamic Ideology to attend the meeting to review the legal requirements of the matter, Aeysha told the committee members that our divorce case was finalized on August 15, 2012 while case was filed on Maay 05, 2012. Now this lier man is saying that he divorced me in 2005, if so then why did he remain with me. He is telling a lie and due to his official status he is targetting me, I want hustice, Aeysha said. Aeysha Sana said Baig is refuting DNA test, divorce documents and other documentary proofs. He is nor accepting his own son. She a man like him is not illegible to be the head of an national organization like Pakistan Television. He must be dismissed. The committee will meet on Thursday again and Yousuf Baig Mirza is directed to present himself before the committee.

Political Crisis May Lead To A Collapse Of The State-- Egyptian Army Chief

My Dear Egyptian Brothers! You are the fortunate nation of the world who have a demcrtically elected president in the form of Dr Muhammad Morsi. But, your good fortune may turn into the darkness of dictatoship reign and the claws of brutal reign are slowly pacing its way and heading towards you. Please read the following comments of your army chief that have been posted on the military facebook page. General Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, the Egyptian chief of armed forces has warned," current political crisis may lead to the complete collapse of the state and such a collapse could threaten the future generation" He made this statement following a large deployment in the three cities along the Suez Canal where a state of emegency has been declared. More than 50 people died in nthe current protests and violence. President Muhammad Morsi has cut short a planned European trip) He planned this trip to seeking financial help for Egypt) He will visit Germany for few hours and has cancelled France Trip. On Monday night thousands of people took to the streets in Port Saeed, Ismalia and Zuez despite night curfew. Spradic clashes continued in capital Cairo. Dearest Muslim Brothers! Please try to understand the veiled threat by your defence minister and army chief in his lenghty statement that he made to protesters, and opposition forces to be calm and he attempted to reassure You! about the role of military. You will never find a president like Muhammad Morsi, he is the most honest person. He can make your country a welfare Islamic State that we cPakistanis are dreaming for. You got rid of 32 years long brutal regime by your courade that is exempalay and led other nations to follow you. You are the pioneer of Arab Spring. What you did on Tehrir Square is unforgettable. Your opposition is just trying for their own intersts. Dr Morsi is not like Hosne Mubarak nor he is a king. Your people elected him, This is the beauty of democracy that you have experienced. Please let him work for your benefit. This is the West that makes the unrest in Islamic states. He never likes Hammas in Palestine, Ekhwan in Egypt, Mulla Umar in Afghanistan and regious parties to rule in Pakistan. He is afraid of Islamic power and "Islamic Bomb" If I had the power to change the leaders, I would have exchanged and handed over to you all the more than one thousand parliamentarians, in Senate, National Assembly and provinocial assemblies along with all the political leaders of Pakistan except a few for only One Dr Muhammad Morsi, if you do not like him. My Dear Brothers May Allah Bless you and all the Muslim Ummah with peace and islamic brotherhood.

Angelina Lookalike Stabbed Cabbie For Not Being Intimate With Her

A female Hollywood star lookalike raped a man at knife-point, according to news media reports. An Angelina Jolie lookalike in Tulcea, Romania held a taxi driver at knife-point while she forced him to be intimate with her. Taxi driver Nicholae Stan, 34, said that Luminita Perijoc, 30, threatened to kill him unless he agreed to perform sexual acts on her. After refusing to do it a second time, the married father- of- three said," Later she still stabbed me." The driver finally escaped after he barricaded himself in a room and desperately called the police from his phone. This nighmasre began after he dropped off his fare who looked like Angelina Jolie, in her apartment. Driver said that she asked him to help her with her luggage, but when the duo reached her flat, she forced him to kitchen and told him that he vwould have to be intimate with her. The woman got very angry when he refused. She took a knife and forced him to undress. The driver was taken to hospital with six stab wounds.

Debris Of Russian Satellite May Fall On UAE, Saudi Arabia Or Yemen Tonight

There have been ongoing reports that debris of 2500- ton Russian satellite Cosmos 1484, a remote sensing satellite launched in 1983, is about to hit the earth and that it will enter the atmosphere right above the GCC, somewhere on the UAE. According to rumors rounding on the Internet million of pieces of these debris could fall anywhere in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Yemen---or all of them. However the Emirates Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) has dismissed the claims that debris could actually reach to the surface of the earth saying that friction will burn it off before it reaches the UAE even if it does happen to get into the atmosphere above the region. Allaying any fear that residents might harbor, EIAST said the entery of such debris into the earth's atmosphere is a common occurence but poses no threat whatsoever. The organization maimtains that when satellites enter the atmosphere, they break into pieces, as they are not designed or manufactured for re-entry like thickness of structure, material used and no. of bolts etc. "Every few days such space debris enter the atmosphere and get destroyed. However, no guarantees are available, since the entrey event is very complicated and no medelling is possible to predict, properly the extent of destruction on the earth. Scientists at EIAST say.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Births In Eight Months

A 26-year UK woman gave birth twice in eight months and the babies are not twins. A leading Britain newspaper reported. Claire Ormsrod of Wales was pregnant with Alice when she had an emergency caesarean section at just 25 weeks on December 6, 2011. Alice weighed i pound 3 ounces and doctors did not think she will survive. But she did survive and 7 weeks later, despite being on birth control pills Ormsrod became pregnant again. In September her son was born earlier also at 29 weeks, who weighed two pounds. " I was absolutely petrified when I found that I was pregnant again" Ormrod told. 'My doctor said I should have a termination otherwise it will kil me and my baby' but I said No. Ormrod has three elder children who were also born n spite of precautions.i

Inappropriate Dress Is The Root Cause Of Molestation Of Women---British Parliamentarian

The member of British Parliament Richard Grabam has termed the tight skirts and high heels of women the great risk for rape attacks on them. He said if they want to save themselves from rape incidents they must wear on appropriate dress and s hoes while out on the streets. What he forgot is the attractive make-up and jewellary that also divert the attention of vulgares towards them. He said due to high heels women can not run to avoid such attacks. Here comes the teachings of Islam! What the West has realized now, Islam had taught its followers ( the Muslim women) 1500 years earlier. Islam taught Muslim women to do make up for her husband. She can not show her make up or dress to othr people even she can not come bare headed in front of brothers or father. Islam forbids Muslim women to go outside with make up or open faced, but if she goes outside she must hide her face, hands and body. When she passes a Na Mahram (other men) she should not move her hands such a way that anybody can hear the voice of her bangles in wrists. Therfore, veiling is necessary for Muslimas. The real Islamic rules and laws are followed in Saudi Arabia specially with respect to women community, where rape cases are never reported and rate of other crimes is neglible. Pakistani women are free and 90 % of them do not wear veils so rape cases are on the rise. To save themselves from attacks by men women must follow the laws of Islam, if Pakistani women do not like strict Islamic rules then they at least can follow the instructions of British parliamentarian, because they are proud of following west.

Jennifer's Wardrobe Malfuntion At SAG Show

It may have been due to the incompetency of designer or it might be some mysterious type of wardrobe malfuntion, however, the sylist tailor Rachel Zoe Dior did not attach her bottom tier to the top tier due to which bottom slipped at SAG awards. Some say contrary to speculation it appears Jennifer Lawrence dress did not necessaily rip at Sunday Night's Screen Actor Guild Award show pin Las Angeles (Phoyo above right). Some Hollywood news covering journalists diddeligence but they say it seemed to have zeroed on the issue. However, the case on this couture mystery can only be closed if Jennifer's dress tailor or Jennifer herself explain what really happened.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Baluchistan Has The World's Largest Reserves Of Precious Metals Then Why Is It So Backward?

Nature has gifted the Soil and high mountains Of Baluchistan with the wealth of the most precious unlimited mineral resources in the world. Its mountains has hidden and exposed reserves of gases, gold, copper , zinc. cast iron and precious stones and are in abundance that can make Baluchistan and Pakistan the richest province and country, respectively, in the world. Its plains dwell sheep, goats and other pet animals, its hills contain medical plants, its orchards provide dry and fresh fruits and what not is found in Baluchistan. If Gwadar is included in this wealth then there is no bound to sea food. Then why Baluchistan is so backward and sunk into the sea pf poverty.? It is just the incapability, negligence and to some extent just passing the time to complete ruling tenure by the dual natrionality holders of ruling class. The outside world knows what kind of wealth is hidden in Baluchistan and of what value but our rulrs are closing eyes. The incapable rulers could not manage the experts within country to explore the wealth but extended begging hands to the foreign experts in the greed of commissions and kick-backs and adopted the procedures of signing agreements with outsiders on their conditions. The foreign powers excavated the prcious mines and handed over a nominal share to the "Property Owners" (Pakistan). The loss was for the nation not for the rulers they had received their lion share already. Among the various agreements one was the Reckodek agreement. "Reekodek", the peak of sand is an area in Chaghi district near Afghanistan - Iran border.Once vulcanos prevailed in this area but now those are silent. The great reserves of gold and copper exist in this area. These reserves in Chaghi are the fifth largest in the world and the largest in South Asia. Chaghi has another credit of turning its mountain to white color by the atmic bomb test on 28th of May a decade back. The gold and copper reserves are larger than those in Chilli. During 1970, Geological Survey of Pakistan had detected theses reserves. (Continued) ,

Dr Tahir Ul Qadri! You Are The Winner And The Loser At The Same Time

Dr Qadri! you lost nothing but you and your followers set an example of discipline, tolerance, odedience to the leader that Pakistani political parties lack and have never been organized like your long march was. Violence and intolerance and lack of descipline ate the main features of political partties in Pakistan, except that of Imran Khan's. In the chilling cold and rain your followers did not move to any shelter not they made any panic. Neither your folowers pelted stones on police not they broke a flower pot or window pan. Nation had never seen an organized group of followers like yours. The jealous, the puppet and the paid anchors of electronic media do not have their their tongues but they have the toungues of rerspective political parties they rear them. You defeated coward government and interior minister who putthe masses in trouble with blocking roads and mobile phones. The journalist pro political parties and the government have now recalled that article 62 and 63 are the part of constitutoin when your long march reached Islamabad. Did they act upon it in the past or do they intend to use it during the comimng election. Never because every Pakistani knows why? Did not intend to scrutinize the candidates under these articles? Did they intend to hold elections? Qadri you are te winner. Corrupt person is always weaker and coward. But Dr QAdri But Why did you stay in bullet proof and heated banker? why did you leave your followers, your sisters, innocenr crawlers, elder mothers, your daughters to open cruel weather? Could you darte to stay with them? If you compare yoursdelf with Imam Hussain (Naozubillah) that you are not equal to soil of their feet and government official Yazeed then like Imam why were you behind the bullet proof shields ? Dr Qadri you are not a good Islamic leader, you set a worst example to leave your followrs outside. Wee you afraid of death? Can your babker save you from death? Qadrim what is the difference between you and prime minister and president who you were cursing round the clock during sit in? Dr Qadri if you had stayed with your followers of course you had been Great But doing this you made yourself smaller and of no value Imran Khan is far beter than Qadri. Mind it be a part of his group you will et something otherwise you have lost your respect.

My Husband Is Poking Me Every Night In Bed---Giudice

We must put those Tressa Giudice divorce rumors to rest now, because in the latest issue of Star, the 'Real Housdewives of New Jersy' star opens up her marriage and shares her secret that has gotten her and Joe to this happy place in their relationship. Sex all the time whether she wants or not. " Make sure you give it to him every night" Jiudice says. sounding totally enthusiastic about intercourse with her man. "My husband is poking me every night in bed", and I think can not I have a night off. Fortunately, Giudice has a solution for those evenings when she would prefere to keep her legs closed. Fellibini sparkling wine. It gets me in the mood and, and Joe just shows up, Teresa said.

PML (N) Is The Most Popular Party Of Pakistan---IRI

According to the surveyt conducted by International Republican Institute, PML (N) is liked by 32 %, PTI by 18 while PPP is liked by only 14 % of the people. Forty-nine percent of the people are in favor of PML(N) in Punjab, 19% in favor of PTI and eight percent of the masses like PPP in this province, while, onlythree percent of the people like PML(Q). In Sind MQM gained popularity while PPP lost its popularity in the same province. Thirty-two percent people like PPP, 16 % are in favor of MQM, nine like PTI and eight percent of the masses like PML(N) in Sind. According to 2012 survey the policies of Nawaz Sharif rose from 28 to 32 level of popularity while, survey says that PTI 's [popularity decresed from 24 to 18 percent. Only 0ne percent of the peopleliked PML (Q). In Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw 32 % of the people are in favor of PTI, 12 % like PML(N) while only 3 percent of the people like ANP. Baluchistan is the only province where PPP gained more populasrity according to the survey.

Kamran Faisal Committed Suicide--- Medical Report

Medical report of Kamran Faisal indicated no signs of poisoning or violence on the body. The analysis of the blood samples of heart, kidney stomach, lungs and slpeen had any signs of poisoning. Deathe occured due to breaking of neck bone. This was indicated in medical report. Kamran was the patient of depression for the last four years and he was taking medicines for depression. He had eaten nothing before his death for 9 hours. He hadd conflicts with his family so he was residing in federal lodges. Hewas trying to get tranferred from NAP. He had also applie for job in different departments. He wanted to get separated from Rental Power case. According to human resourcers when Kamran Joined NAP his forst posting was in Quetta trhen he wastranferred to mRawalpindi in 2011. His romm maste Sajid has also been included in investigation. Medical report has concluded his death as suicide.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sherlyn Chopra Did Bold Scene For 'Kamasutra 3 D'

If you think Playboy cover girl turned actress Sherlyn Chpra may curb her urge to bare every now and then you might have to rethink. So she did it again but this time she has gone nude for her photoshoot video upcoming film 'Kamasutra 3 D'. The actress posed nude in an aethetically done clip. As soon as Sherlyn posted the video on microblogging website Twitter, rections poured in. Sherlyn video shoot has become internet rage and youtube is flooded with traffic and comments. Sherlyn has gone full topless in this video and it directly a treat for her fans who sings for her voluptous body. The actress is already well known for her dare bare acts but it can not be said for her acting skills. Kamasutra 3 D is an up coming international movie to be directed by Rupesh Paul.

Kate Upton's Super Bowl Ad Teaser

What is hot? The all-new 2014 Mecedes-Benz? What is hotterr? Kate Upton washing the car in slow motion? It features Kate Upton plenty of soap and not much clothing. In order to tease the spectators before super bowl and its ad starring the 'sports illustrated stunner' the automaker has just released a 90-seconds preview. The real Mecedes Super Bowl ad, airing February 03, will feature the bombshell along with R & B star Usher. Think it will live up to the hype?

A New York Company Is Hiring Hot Girls

The idea that men in the presence of hot girls may divulge more than they otherwise would is not new. Seeking to employ the idea-and girls- this openly is, however. Someone is very intertested in hiring asttractive women to obtain secrets from competiting businessmen, according to an asd posted on The position clearly pays well, and requires sophistication, an open mind and a "sense of adventure". basically do what you need to do to get secret information out of guys. This is a sort of position of a secret agent. Check out the advertisement above. Who is interested?

Beyonce's Live Performance In Presidential Oath Taking Ceremony

There are controvertial information about the live performance of Beyonce in the Oath Taking ceremony of president Barack Obama. According to the newspaper 'The Times' a spokesperson of Marine Core band said that it was decided at nick of the time and Beyonce performed on pre-recorded song. However Marine Core Band told the reporters that no one is in posityion to disclose whether Beyonce performed live or on pre-recorded Anthem. However, Marine Core Band's performance was not live. The oath taking ceremony was attended by millions of people while another millions watched the funtion on TV. James Tailor and Kaly Clarcks also performed in the funtion, in addition to Beyonce. In a statement issued by the Marine Core Band it was said that Beyonce had no time to reherse so it was not a good suggestion to perform live. If Beyonce performance was not live then it would not be the first time to perform on pre-recorded in the American Presidential inaugural ceremony. In 2008 ceremonial funtion Yo Yo Ma did so on Sello music as he said due to wind and severe cold the performance would have been affected.

A Mobile Phone Battery That Will Run For 15 Years

A basic mobile phone maufacturing company has claimed that its double A battery can be used for 15 years. This phone was presented in Las Vegas in a world exhibition. The mobile works on GSM network. The company said that if mobile is not in used even then its battery will not get discharged. The phone can be used for emegency call with out SIM. The phone in which this battery is used is a basic phone and only 10 phone number can be saved in it. Each of the ten buttons can be used for one phone number. The phone casrries an application through which phone can be traced of lost.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mikel Sets Record Of Having World's Largest Hips

Plus-size model Mikel Reffinelli boasts the world's largest hips. Whether or not that is positive distinction depend on your point of view. The mother of four's is all natural 100-inch curves means she has to struggle through doorways, needs two seats on plane and has to drive a truck. Mikel 39-years weighs in at 400 pounds. She is proud of her figure and says she does not want to lose any weight, even though she often attracts jeers. "Everywhere I go I get attention for my hips, both good and bad" Mikel said. "When I walk down the street I can hear the shutters going on camera phones and people laughing at me. Some people assume I have had surgery, but it is all natural" "It is the result of having four children, but large hips also run in my family." Mikel was a normal size kid in her early 20's weighed modest 180 pounds, But at 22 she put on 50 pounds afer giving birth to first chid, now 18. After giving birth to three daughters she gained weight and her hips balloned, yet despite her curves she stands 5 feet 4 inches with 40-inch waiste. Yet still she joins her family activities such as keep-fit routines at home, trips to park and seaside, where she shows off her 42D breasts in revealng two piece. " Finding clothes to fit my bottom half is a challenge" she said. " I have my lingerie custom-made by seamstresses." she said.

TV Host Saba Qamar Is Upset Due To Getting Overweight

Model and axtress Sabahat Qamar comonly known as Saba Qamar is very up set because she is getting overweight. She seems to consult her friend to lose weight. She is performing in a private TV channel program. She said she is is trying to lossen weight. She was priorly performing as host on Geo TV program "Hum Sub Umeed say Hein (we all are expecting, 'hoping')" This is a most popular comedy program.

President Zardari Is Expected To Quit Party Leadership

To make the next coming general elections fair, free and transparent president Zardari will leave the party office and governors of the provinces would be change so that the highest offices on the federal and provincial level may not influence the election. Consultation about care taker set up is done between the two major parties. Opposition is demanding to appont impartial and non-political governors in the provinces. Peoples Party is constituting its strategy to run the election compaign. For this a high level commiyyee is being formed under the supervision of Bilawal Bhutto, Gilani and Faryal Talpure. The opposition leadership has also decided to convince Zardari to leave office for holding fair elections.

BJP And RSS Are Running Terrorists Camps--- Indian FM

Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid has supported the styatement of Indian interior minister Kumar Shanday that BJP and RSS are running terrorists training and said that they are fighting against terrorists. He said the that statement of interior minister was correct and media as well people should cooperate with us to eliminate terrorism. He said the terrorists have no religion and it is intoleraqble whereever it is. The ionterior minister had said last week that BJP and RSS were recruiting extremists and were imparting training to them ( why did not he say they use them against Indian Muslims). BJP demanded his resignation on this statement. About relations with Pakistan he said that till the environment gets condusive nothing could be done in this regard ( Though India is totally responsible for creating hinderances in the relations between the two countries).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Actress Zeba Bakhtiar Refused To Give Autographs To Pakistani Fans

The Bolywood actress Zeba Bakhtiar who was shooting a film in Bagh e Jinnah Lahore, rtefused to give autographs and to have snaps with her Pakistani fans, in Lahore. She got angry when fans requested her to have snaps with her. She said she has come here undeer a work schedule and people are wasting hjer time. She was shooting for her film in Lahore in which actor Shan and other extras took part. Her shooting will remain for some more days.

Kim Is Fearful About Her Growing Baby Bump

Kim is reportedly concerned about how much her body is changing. The reality TV star announced sher was expecting her first child with rap beau Kenye West. Kim who has made a successful career out of her gorgeous figures and stunning looks, is allegedly fearful about her quickly changing appearance as as result of her growing baby bump. She loves having curves and is proud of her famous bottoms, but she is worried about how much her body is already changing. Kim obviously thinks she will put on weight and would not be able to lose it, so she is still hitting the gym regularly -often twice a day. as weell as taking more and more work to keep her active. Everone around her is concerned sher is doing too much, while she should be taking it easy. The 32-year is expecting to give birth in July. She already mourned on her official Twitter page about her weight. Her partner is asking er continously to slow down.