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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy's Damage Losses Amount To $ 50 Billion To The USA

Superstorm Sandy damaged several states in the USA and nearly 50 people lost their lives. Due to the hitting of the hurricane on the easttern coastal area, heavy rainfalls, windstorm and floods brought devastating destruction in the region. The most destructine storm in the USA after 191 years. Dam crashed in New Jersy inundating the whole city and stranding thousands of people. Eight point two million people remained without power and American economy will face a loss of nearly $ 50 Billion. Whereas, the restoration of power lines will cost additional expensers. Stock exchange remained closed for two consecutive days. Sandy paralyzed life in 15 states. President after declaring New York, Long Island, New Jersy and Virginias calamity hit states cancelled his election schedule on Wednesday. The roads and sub-ways in New York city are under water that will take several days to pump the water out and reestre the transport system. Power plant in Manhattan caught fire after blast and major part of the area faced power break down. Sandy caused heavy snowfall in Phaladalphia, Baltimoor, Eastern Tennesse, Mariland and North Karolina. Two third of the oil refinaries on eastern coastal area as well as two atomic plants and sera port in New Jersy have been shut down. Thousands of flghta have beeen suspended. Coastal city Atlantic city has been vacated. The met office has warned that Sandy can affect 59 million people in tghe coastal areas. The storm speed was 120 kilometer per hour that hit the eastern coast. It is also feareed that election compaign as well as voting process on Nov 06 may be affected negatively. Sandy hurricane has broken all the previous records of storms in the history that hit New York. Sandy is also being named as "Post Tropival Cyclone". and it is also called category one hurricane. Lat year in August storm "Irene" had hitten USA thast caused loss of $ 16 Billion. But, Sandy superceeded Irene in severity and damage. The sea storms of category one hitting the USA have speed from 75 to 95 Kilometers per hour and their width is 1000 miles, but andy left behind all the storms and crossed all the the limits. New York was founded in 1624 and a storm hitting the city in 1821 had damaged the city but Sandy's 13 feet high waves were far beyond that storm. The hurricanes that caused severe losses to the lives, economy and defence of the USA include include Komri cane, Hunter, Irene, Katrina and Andrews. But, the sixth and most bloody storm is Sandy. It is said that Irene storm developed due to the highest temperature of the American Oceans.

Chris Is Asking Trouble To Have Both Rihanna And Tran As Grirlfriends

Chris Brown is thinking that he can have both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran as his girlfriends and bedmates at the same time but he is asking for trouble. It was just a few weeks ago that he broke up with Karrueche after clubbing with Rihanna having sexy overnights at her hotel. He asked Karrueche to move out of his LA flat which she did,. and he was getting even more serious with Rihanna, visiting her music studio where she recorded and then spending the nights together. Rihanna even came out to support him at his Qubeey website event on October 20, where he made her feel like "princess". He thrilled her by acting like a gentleman, holding out her chair, getting drinks for her , kissing her and holding her hand. It was his first public event as a couple together since his terrible breakup three years ago. It is not known that what are his thinkings now? In the past week he started seeing and leading Karroueche again. He went with her to dinner at LA Workcano restaurant on Oct 26, after going to opening of World style store together. On Oct 28, they both went to same Haloween party at GreyStone Manor. Though Rihanna still thinks that she is # 1 in his life and she was not worried about "side piece". Then Karroueche thinks that sharing Chris is better than nor having him at all in her life. No man can keep two women under control in a romantic relationship at the same time for long. Rihannas believes Chris is her true love and she told the world and her fans in her new album that she is Unapologetic about reuniting with him. It would be better for Chris to choose Rihanna as she has true love for him and break up with one of his women for good..

Kareena Will Neither Embrace Islam Nor Will Change Name

The Beebo girl of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor has said that after marriage with Saif Ali Khan neither he will change name nor embrace Islam. She will continue to use her present name. On other side Saif Ali Khan said that this made no difference for their marriage whether Kareena embraced Islam or not. It is noteworthy that mother of Saif Aisha Khan belonged to Hindu religion and her name was Sharmeela Tagore. After marrying with Nawab Patodi Mansoor Ali Khan she changed her name and religion as well. Priorly Saif ASli Khan was married to Indian actress Amreeta Singh who belonged to Sikh relion. They have two children Ibrahim Ali Khan and Sara Khan. Saif Ali Khan divorced Amreeta in 2004 due to some disputes the main rteason behind was that Amreeta refused to embrace Islam.

Students Of Hamdard University Have Developed Solar Cooker

The students of the department of power engineering of Hamdard University have invented solar cooker that can cook meal using solar energy. The team leader Waqar Ahmad told that during the present crisis of gas and electricity "Solar Cooker" is the best alternative for cooking meals, making tea or getting hot water. The body of the cooker is made up of wood while its upper part is made from transparent glass, through which the sunlight enters into the cooker. The inner part is of shining almunium metal and inner body is blackeded that has the capability of absorbing maximum temperature. It maitains temperature to the extent of 165 degrees centigrade. The sunlight's hot rays entering into the cooker can not get out due to strong transparent glass and the dish kept in the cooker gets cooked at specific temperature. Students Azkar Ahmad, Waqar Ahmad, Shah Zeb Mahmud Hashim Samad of the Hamdard University under the supervision of Nadeem Mian engineer have developed this cooker that costed PKR 2000 only. They said that in Pakistan sunshine is available for 12- 14 hours and in the presence of sunlight Solar Cooker can cook pulses, vegetables and meat. It is useful when one is going to travel to far flung areas and during the journey. The students said the present era is of using solar energy and solar apparatuses are getting popular.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Inventions And Creations Are Bringing Changes In Human's Social LivesSocial

*-- Digintal Currency:-- Everything in our everyday life is going to be digital due to devel;opments of new technologies. The idea of digital currency is neart to enter in human life. It is not that it is only an idea still but this curreny has already been introduced in the form of Bilcoin in 2009. The bilcoin transaction can be done through websites and softwares. In adiition, the facility of transaction through tradiotional notes is also available. Bilcoin Pasyment Network, at present is the most powerful Distributed Computing Network. Though Bilcoin has not got common during three year duration, and majority of the people is unaware of the fact that transaction in bilcoin has staretd. A few problems are hinering its way that include its lomited availability and issue of cryptography of coding. Moreover, people are to be assured that transaction in digital currency is safe. This problem was also noticed when paper notes were introduced. However, when people got sured about the safe transaction in notes then thee was no problem in its weay to be popular. The same can be said about digital currenct but a time will come when digital currency will replace the paper notes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eid Mubarak/ Eid Greetings To All The Muslim Brothers

Phoolaurkankar presents heasrtily Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brother all over the Muslim Umma. Specially Haj Mubarak to those Muslim brothers who are performing the sacred rukan of Islam at Araafat, Mina and Muzdalfa. May Allah bless them and accept their Haj. May my Allah save the Muslim World from troubles, difficulties bestowe upon the Muslims His Blessings. Ammen Blooger is proceeding to home town Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw for celebrating Eid Ul Azha with relatives. We will meet Insha Allah after Eid Holidays. Bye till then Allah Hafiz.

Seventy American Atom Bombs Are Existing In Turkey

A Turkish News Agency reported that 70 American atom bombs exist at a Turkish base. Tehran radio has also revealed referring to the Turkish news Agency "Turk News" that at Angerlak base in the Southern Turkey American bombs are placed. According to this report these atom bombs have been given to Turkey for the intersts of Washington. In case if war occures in the region the USA will find chance to shift them to another suitable place. But, the actuasl problem is the process of shifting the atom bombs. Because, inspite of repeated requests from USA, Turkey did not allow the deployment of the planes at Anjerlak base capable of shifting the atom bombs. According to experts Turkey itself can shift the bombs by F-16 planes.

Catalytic Clothings-- Will Clean Polluted Air

Clothes are to wear for hiding the body and save it from severity of the weathers. However, now clothese have been introduced by the British researchers that will minimize the pollution of the air. The researchers of the University of Shafield and London College of Fasion have kept photo catalytic material in these special clothes that will clean the air and will decrease the amount of nitrogen oxide existing in the air. Nitrogen oxide is the basic element that pollutes air and it is emitted by the vehicles. It causes asthma and other fatal respiratory diseases. If a person gets out of the house after wearing the clothes made from this material will eliminate as much quantity of nitrogen oxide in the air as much as it is emitted by a family car. These clothes are callede "Cat Clo" which is the abbreviation of catalytic clothings. The nano paticles of titanium oxide are kept in the clothings that can absorb and eliminate the pollution of nitrogen oxide in the air. These clothes will neither be bad smelling nor dangerous for health and the absorbed material will diminish with washing of the clothings. According to experts these will not be special type of clothibngs but same as common clothes are and will have no health risks and unhealthy effects.

New Technologies Will Change The World

The progress and development of global society on the globe is, no doubt, due to technologies. Though, human society is in the process of progress since its creation but day to day development in the field of Scoence and Technology has hastened it. Therfore, new inventions are comig to light continuously. Among them some have global impacts. Here are the some of the creations and discoveries that if adapted commonly have the capability to change the world. *-- Quick And Cheaper DNA Sequencing:- The name of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) and DNA test are not unfamiliar to common people now. DNA is actually Nucleic Acid that carries all the genetic information of living creatures. The part of DNA where these information are saved is called "Gene". DNA sequencing is the process of reading the information saved in the genes. DNA sequencing has most important role in the Basic Bilological Research and is being used in various walks of life. The speed of DNA sequencing has increased manifold due to new technologies and cost on sequencing has decreased too, significantly. Due to the progress in the Nucleic Acid Chemistry, the companies like "Life Technologies" process DNA on a semi-conduter chip for $ 1000 only. Othe companies can organize complete genome in a day. The quick progress and decrease in the cost of DNA sequencing can be estimated from the fact that human genome sequencing took 3 years and its cost was $ 3.8 billion.

Bansa Mouro Muslims Near To Get Independance--2

In Phillipine till 1996, civil war continued, then dialogues were held between Mouro Islamic Front and Phillipine government and it was agreed to give independance to Mandana island, but some of the freedom fighter groups did not like it. so, agreement could not succeed and war continued bertween Philline army and Mouro tribes, in which more than 0.120 milion people were killed. However, after the first dialogues, the series of other dialogue were held intermittently in which Malaysia played an important role. At last Malaysian attempts got successful and both the sides agreed on peace agreement. On October 15, 2012 an agreement was signed between the Phillipino representative Mardak Lenin and Iqbal rtepresentative of MILF. On the occasion, Abdul Ghaffar from Malaysia, Chief of MILF Murad Ibrahim, Malaysian prime minister Najeeb Razzaq and president of Phillipine Akeeno were also present. It was agreed in the agreement to constitute a 15- member commission to prepare constitution and law for Bansa Mouro underwhich refrendum will be held to know the trend of the people. The independance process will be completed by 2016 and meanwhile under the constitution different poweres will be transfered and formula for sharing of resources as well as that of treasury will be decided. The important thing is that the aemed groups of Mouro Islamic Liberation Front will be disarmed gradually for maintaining peace in the area. Phillines authorities say that those groups who did not support the agreement will be convinced for the coooperation, ther are supporters of the agreement within these groups. The analysts say that with the implementation of the agreement new era of prosperity will usher because, years long war has damaged the economic conditions of Southern Phillipines.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Students Have Developed Robot That Will Search And Dispose Off Bomb

Students of the Deparment of Electronics Engineering of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, have developed an automatic robot that will search, jam the signals of the bomb and is capable of will helping in disposing off the bomb. It has been devised to minimize the risks to human lives, if the attempts to dispose off the bomb fail. The applications used in the robot Invented with the integration of mechanical electronics software technology can be used by the department of anti-terrorism as for national defence purposes. One of the student Aqib Rashid told that the robot named " R F Frequency Bomb Jammer" was developed by a group of six students at a cost of PKR seventy thousand under the supervision of Madam Sumera. The team consisted of Ali Osama Hussain, Mohsin Jamal, Aqib Rashid, Syed Maraj Ahmad, Ahmad Mujeeb and the leader of the team Syed Saad Ahmad. They further said that to minimize the risks to the the lives of the officials of bomb disposal squad of anti-terrorist department , we have developed robot having JPS, F R Signals, Mobile Jammer that can automatically detect the location of the bomb and is capable of sending pictures of the bomb to the concerned authorities. If government cooperate with us then we can further improve it and it can be used by the for defence purposes along with controlling all sorts of terrorist activities. Saqib Rashid further told that they had used P T Z Camera, D C Motor, Stopper Motor, Sound Checking system ( S O N A R), Chemical Detective, Mobile Phone Jammers having frequency capacity from 900 to 1800, and Proximity Sensors, in preparing the Robot.

Will Universe End On December 21, 2012?

According to Maya tribe inhibiting in Mexico the universe will end on December 21, 2012. They believe that their ancestors thousands years before Christ had forecasted for the end of world in December 2012. The American film "End of Universe 2012" also depicts these thinkings. According to the followers of Maya civilization, if the universe is to end in December then only 58 days are left for the end. The people believing on this prophecy seems more careful and curious.

Pakistani Politicians Who Received Money From ISI (Political Wing)

FIA has decided to constitute a special team in the light of the Supreme Court verdict to take the money back along with interest distributed among the Pakistani politicians by ISI. According to the documents submitted to the supreme court, the politicans who received money through ISI include, former prime minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi (PKR 5 million), former chief minister Sindh Jam Sadiq (PKR 5 million), former prime minister Muhammad Khan Junejo (late) 2.5 million, head of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and former prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif 3.5 million, former federal misiter Syeda Abida Hussain 1 million, senior politician Pir of Pagara Mardan Shah (Late) 2 million, Jamaat e Islami 5 million, Mir Afzal Khan 10 million, Lietenant General (Rtd) Rafaqat 5.6 milion, Hamayun Marri 1.5 million, former prime minister Mir Zafrullah Khan Jamali 4 million, Kakar 1 million, Jam Yousuf 0.7 million, Hasil Bazanjo 0.5 million, Nadir Magsi 1 million, Altaf Hussain Quireshi and Mustafa Sadiq PKR 5 million. Others were given 3.3 million rupees. However, some of them have refuted the allegations of receiving the money from political cell of ISI.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kris May Be Sharing A Bit Too Much This Halloween

Kris may be sharing a bit too much this Halloween as she suffered a wardrobe malfuntion while modelling her costume. Kris suffered a nip slip in her Halloween costume, but she decided to send her photos on instagram, anyway. May be she is competing with her daughter Kim Kardashian's revealing costume?. While, some may say it is illusdion to the eyes. Her daughter Khloe Kardishian confirmed the nipple sighting on twitter saying," Hi nips, that is my mom" and reposted the photo after Kris seemed to have deleted it. However, this is not the first time Kris, 56, has shown off her boobs on twitter. Back in August Kris flashed her chest for all of her followers on Twitter.

Bansa Mouro Muslims Will Get Independant State By 2016 In Southern Phillipine

A movement whether it is for getting rights or is for any other positive purpose has far reaching impacts. Specially, the movements for freedom need a long span of time to get succeeded. Because movement has to pass through several phases and due to the conflicts with the occupants it has to go through many ups and downs. Sacrifices have to be presented for several generations and inb the last it is successful, but may take centuries. Dozens of Phillipine's islands are inhabited by Mouro tribe who have been fighting for freedom and independance for centuries. Though these islands have been occupied by several countries during last several decades but Mouro Muslims did not sit idle and have been fighting for their rights. They kept this struggle alive for centuries and fron generation to generation. In 1898 when Phillipine got freedom from Spain, the Mouro residing in the Mandanao and other islands, hoped that their centuries old identity will be restored but in vain. Ispite of Philipine's freedom Spain and the USA refused to recognize their separate identity, officially. The USA's interruption continued openly and practically they were the rulers. So, Philipines had to restyart their struggle again, in which Mouro tribe was in the forefront for freedom struggle. At last in 1946, USA gave full and complete freedom to Philipines. But the the luck of unlucky Mouros could not awakened and they suffered the same conditions as before. When Phillpine government reached to its extreme atrocities and brutalities on Mouro tribes and did not care for their Muslim identity, Mouro Muslims were compelled to take arms in hand and announced to start armed struggle for the freedom. They established Mouro National Liberation Front in 1979 to organize Mouro tribes against the government and fight for their genuine rights. The center of the struggle was the islands, specially, Mandanao where Muslims were the rulers during fifteenth century. Phillipine government declaring the struggle a rebel brought army against Mouro tribes and thus a protest movement transformed into armed struggle. Other smaller groups also joined the Mouro National Liberation Front and young people were recruited and were trained in guerilla war. A bloody war started that made a part of history.In 1978, the name of MNLF was changed to Mouro Islamic Liberation Front and objective of the struggle was now to the save the Islamic identity along with getting freedom.

Pakistan Sets 8 New World Records

After beating the Indian world record of collective singing of National Song, Pakistan set a record with 46816 people singing the song in chorus, Pakistan set 8 new world record in Punjab Youth and Sports Festival. Muhammad Amin Bodla made his name included in the Guinesse Book of World record with 616 karate kicks within 3 minute. However, in second attempt he failed and could kick 612 times in 3 minutes. The second record was set by Muhammad Mansha who cooked 3 breads in 3 minutes and 14.39 seconds. A 12 year old girl Mahak Gul set record in laying chess mate swiftly within 45 seconds. In football header getting their names included in the world record book were Daniel Gul and Qamar Rizwan, they have beaten the earlier record of 170 heads in 4 minutes and 46 seconds by 335 heads. Saadi Muhammad set world record in pulling 1700 kgs heavy coach with mushtache upto 60.3 meters. Shiraz and Sarfraz have beaten the earlier world record of 30 frog-like jumps in 30 seconds with 34 jumps. Jalil ul Hassan made world record in putting on cricket kit in one minute and 8 seconds. Mian Noman Anjam of Narowal set world record in 35 seconds of connecting plug to wire. The events in which world record could not be set are wearing tee shirts quickly within minimum time, Ahmad shaukat aand Abdul Majeed tried for the category but failed. The world record of putting on tee shirts quickly in minimum time is that of 31 shirts with in 1 minute. Similarly, Hafiz Deeshan and Faheem Raza could not set new world record in table tennis knocks. However, all these records are in games or sports but no record of new technology or intellligence was set. Mahak Gul dedicated her record to Malala.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Has Demanded Divorce From Her Husband

Mahira Khan was happily married to Ali Askari on July 13, 2007. The couple has a cute baby girl and a son named "Azlaan". According to sources the querrel beteen the couple had reached to its peak during the last few weeks. Inspite of the several interrventions by the family members, the ties between them did not get improved. Family sources say that conflicts started when Mahira's husband asked her to leave showbiz. Mahira Khan got fame from the Shoiab Mansoor's hit film "Bol", she also performed in several drama serials but her TV drama "Hamsafar" was a blockbuster. Mahira Khan shifted to her mother's residence along with her children. Family say that star actress was no more interested in marital status and demands dvorce and that is final decisdion.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Embracing Of Islam By Dr Ali Poulson---2

Dr Ali Poulson says( in his own words) that I was introduced to Muslims and came ro know about Islam in Central Asia when I met a old healthy Tajik Muslim, in the church. After a short talk he suddenly adressed me and said," You have eyes like a Muslim, you will definetely convert to Islam," It apparently seemed the words of a person who is habitual to talking ambiguously. And it was dangerous too to talk before the priest in the church. But this sentence did not creat ant resistance within myself and these words engraved in my soul. At that time I did not know about Islam. In 1985 my permit for working in the church was cancelled due to disobediance of the concerned authorities. And I once again started translations from German language to Russian language as a source of my earning. During 1988 when Gorbachov allowed 1000th year celebrations of the intoduction of the Christianity and all the preists were forgiven including myself andI was appointed in Kaluga area in a destroyerd church. In 1990, I was elected accidently the deputy of the Russian Federation by the people of Kaluzsky. Then I was elected Chairman of the religios committee of the Russian Federation of Supreme Soviet Council. I wrote the draft of "Relious Freedom" for the new law of Russia, together with an advocate. This gave actual freedom to the followers of different religions. As an example of this is the decision of holiday on the eve of Chrismas. I did not feel any contention and mental satisfaction in tye church. Church was a building for performing formalities of worship and was a source of income for the church. The priests were not conveying the messager of God to the people. So, in 1991 I voluntarily quited the job of the church. I started reading the church and about Christianity and doubts were created in my mind about the Christian traditions and I concluded that tee is no book in this religion that can claim to be in the real Words sent by Allah. I got to know all this by 1995 and lefy participating in Christian worships. I was still not aware fully of the teachings of Islam. However reasding the translation of Quran Hakeem totally changed the meaning of Allah's message for me. The doubts about embracing Islam were removed at the time when I read about Hazrat Isa (AS) in the teaching of Quran. Quran Hakeem repeatedly emphacizes on the "Oneness" of Allah. So I accepted the high status of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) about which Hazrat Isa had told.the He will come to deliver Allah's message to common people and will make the people aware of the TRUTH. Quran Majeed abolished the discremination betwwen master and servant and social inequility. After studying Quran Hakeem I along with my wife announced to embrace the true religion of the Universe, in 1999.

Rihanna Sends Photos To Chris From Studio On Mobile

Rihanna is making sure Chris knows exactly how she looks at all times, now that their relationship is back on. Rihanna hit up the studio on at 2 am Friday October 19 in Los Angeles and between recording sessions, she was on the phone with Chris sending him sexy pictures. "She took a break between laying down some vocals and hit Chris up for 30 minutes," a source close to the singer told. "She went in a booth and talked to him and was taking pics of herself on her instagram and sending them to him." "She was in the booth and just laid back on the chaise and chatting him up. She was smiling and sh-- she had this warm glow on her face. Whatever he was saying to her made Rihanna feel like a queen." And it appears as if Rihanna is a queen in her own right. Our source say that the S&M singer's life is "much smoother" now that Chris is back. "I know it is a lot damn easier for her to concentrate and work hard now that Chris is back in her life" souce adds. " she does not worry about the bull -- 1 no more. She does not wonder who he is with or what he is doing. It is like she feels more secure and confident when he is in her life back." Rihanna tweeted lyrics from one of her new songs, presumable the title track "unapologetic" in which she pretty clearly refers to Chris " I found the one he changed my life-- but was it me that changed and he just happened to come at right time"? Rihanna rweeted October 19, followed by hashtag "Unapologetic".

Earth Endangered By Two Big Meteorites--Deetali Lopota

Earth is in danger by two big metteorites in addition to Apoface meteorite. It will be necessary to change their orbit to save the earth from colision. The head of the Russian Space Corporation "Aneergia", Deetali Lopata said in an interview that to avoid the danger of collision, a rocket carrier is needed to transport 70 ton heavy equipment to space.

Britiney Spears' New Fantasy Perfume Ad

Briteny Spears new Fantasy perfume ad willdefinetly bring sensual intrigue. The s'x factor If you will. Spears dressed up as Coleoptara, Jean Harlow and a dark dominatrix for the ad. Fantasy Twist is the latest scent in the singer's multi-million dollar frantance line. It is no joke. Britney was # 2 on the list of Forbes' Highest Paid Woman last year. Optah Winfrey and then Britney Spears. The woman sells records and perfumes.

From Atheism To Islam--- Dr Ali Poulson---1

If one has true determinaton and wish to seek the right path, Allah directs him on the straight path and bestowes him the light of vision and wisdom. Dr Ali Poulson's life is a shining example of this. Ali Poulson who represents Muslim community of Russia carries a lesson for other searching for the truth in the world. Ali Poulson's life history in his own words. He says," I was born in a non-religious family that did not believe in Allah (God). I was nourished in non-religious environment". But from childhood I believed in an "Unknown" God who could always help me. I got admission in Moscow State University in the separtment of phiosophy specially to know the truth. During the decade of 70's there was no real alternative for communism idealogy.except Orthodox church. I entered a church in the age of 16 years for the first time in my life. This was not a free selection of any religion from heart. Because one has to compare a thing to be selected but I had no such an idealogy with me to compare with orthodox. This was only a way of refusal to materialistic life based on false idealogies. So, I reached to church that was opened. I could not get an emploment in the church as a gaurd even in the first attempt. In the second attempt i was told that I had still effects of communist idealogy of Leninism and Marxism. Third time I was allowed to enter the training center of Christians. In 1983 I started work as a priest. At that time this job for me was a symbol of spiritual and thinking struggle against materialism. In Moscow where i lived government did not allow me to work so I had to travel to central Asian states.

Friday, October 19, 2012

A System Has Been Invented To Save Vehicles From Collision

Japanese Car manufacturing company Nissan has invented a system that will help the driver to stop colliding with other vehicles. This automatic system will start working itself when driver delays in applying brakes. Moreover, this system examines the road condition with the help of camera and radar. If the system realizes any dangerous thing on the road, it will give signal to the driver and a written instruction will also appear on the window, which way to take turn. If the driver fails to follow the instruction,the automatic system will itself turn the the vehicle and save the driver from collision. Company plans to start installing this system ihn teir vehicles within next 3 to 5 years.

Kate Middleton Is Eager To Get Pregnant

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have made it clear that they ready to start family of their own, but so far, no kick, now Kate's close friend is pregnant, a new report says. How bitter sweet for Kate. Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby heartache has been revisited after Kate's close friend and bodygaurd Emma Kobertrevealed that she ws expecting a baby at the age of 41, with his boyfriend. Kate definetely has some mixed feelings. According to Life and Style magazine, Kate. 30, is said to be overjoyed and excited for her close friend. Especially since Emma has endured her own heartbreak after her husband, a former member of royal protection squad suddenly passed away in skiing aaccent. Through excitement, sources say, she can not help but feel a little envious. "While Kate is over the moon for Emma, but she can not help but feel envious as well. She has been trying to get pregnant, too, so she can not help but wonder, why not me? when will it be my turn?"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Akshay Kumar Should Not Inaugurate IFFI---Right Wing Hindus

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar should not be invited to inaugurate 43rd International Film Festival Of India (IFFI), because he has denigrated Hindi deitiesin his latest film "Oh! My God" a right-wing Hindu group said on Monday. "Akshay Kumat who is acting as an incarnation of Bhagvan Shri Krishna, is shown in Western attire in place of Sudharshan Shakra", Bhagvan Shree Krishna is shown rotating key chain in his finger," Hindu Ranajariti Samiti (HJS) convenor Manoj Solanki said in his petition on Monday handed over to Chief Ministr Office (CMO). Solanki also said that screening of the film "Oh My God" should be banned in GOA because it hurts the religious sentiments and that inaugurating IFFI at the hands of Akshay Kumar will amount to "rubbing salt" on the wounds of Hindus in this secular state. How India can be called a secular state where mosques of Muslims are demolished, where untouchable are living miserable lives, where chritians are killed? It is not a secular state but a Hindu state. Where, according to Hindusonly Hindus can live.

Is Levi The Father Of Garcia's Unborn Baby?

Already famous for impregnating Bristol Palin some two summers ago Levi Johnston now finds himself embroiled in another baby scandal. The National Enquirer says that Levi might have knocked up old girlfriend during the period of estrangement between the two engagements to Bristol. But, if really his old girlfriend Garcia is pregnant with his child that could be an obstacle for their engagement, if Garcia believes that Levi is the father of his child. Of course, it is still very unclear that Garcia's child was sired by playgirl model. "Levi insists the child is not his, but no one really knows, source said, Levi could be among the 3 possible fathers of Garcia's baby during the week of conception. Wow, it sounds like she is the girl who has really her act together. Guess there is not a lot to do in Alaska, well besides Lanesia Garcia.

Australia Has Open Its Doors To Sell Uranium To India

Autralian prime minister Julia Gerad is meeting Indian prime minister today in New Delhi and talks will be carried out on selliong uranium to India. It is noteworthy that Autralia had refused to sell it to Pakistan. Autralis had refused too to sell uranium to India in the past as India had not sighned Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). To make iots relation better with India Australia has abondoned its former policy. It will take 0ne to years to finalize the agreement that will be done under the supervision of the InternationalAtomic Energy Agency and will be used for peaceful purposes. Autralia itself does not use uranium but it is the largest uranium producing country in the world after Kazakistan and Canada.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spanish Votes Play Important Role In The US Presidential Election

The Spanish votes will play pivotal role in the the presidential election as usual. Fifty thousand Hispanic votes are added every year in the USA to the number of already existing votes. Therfore, this community is considered as very important. According to statistics, the population of Hispanic people is 50 million in he USA that make 13 % of the Us total population. The percentage of population of these people may reach to 22 % during the next 20 years. Regarding Hispanic factor this is the first American election in the history in which both the candidates participated in the Spanish TV program about immigration related policies. It can be assessed from this that how much Hispanic votes have importance. A Latin expert said that in the last election Obama secured 68 % votes of Latanese. It is expected that he will get that mucgh botes too during the coming election. Mitt Romney has strict policy about immigration policy and he may be in loss regarding Spanish votes. Though republican prominent leaders pointed out several times that he must not commit mistake in this regard but Romney continued repeating this blunder. Moreover foreign policy matters will also influence the trend of election. The people who oppose Obama's foreign policy or are against will have impact on the election results. During the recent days the murder of American amassador,Cristopher to Libya by the prtesters has also been criticized and Obama has been blamed for having attitude in favor of Iran and and against Israel, due which the killing of ambassodor resulted. Inaddition the policies regading "Arab Spring", Afghanistan, Cuba and Vezuevela will also influence the election. Now, the world is having eyes on the USA's next election because policies of American president affect the whole world.

NUST Student Has Developed Latest Radar System Based On Ultra-Wide Band Technology

A student, Zunaira Maryam of the Electrical Department of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Science and Techology (NUST) Rawalpind, has introduced a latest radar system based on the untra-wide band technology. Using the priciples of this technology the movement of human being can be been seen acress the wall, barrier through radar. Zunaira said that this project is of research nature and the ultra-wide band technology is actually, used in the equipoment working on high range frequency. Describing the details of the equipments used in the project she told that existing network analyzer in the micro waves engineering research laboratory as first part of the radar, antenna and cable were installed and waves of different frequencies were sent across the wall. Experimentally, the width of the wooden wall was kept as 10 mm and the data of returning waves were received on the network analyzer. Using the algorithm of the radar signal processing the targettedmovement across the wall was monitored through the data received. She said that on the graph received through ultra-wide band radar, the movement of the targete could be seen along with the time. She further said that in the project the ultra-wide band radar theory was tested and demonstration practically. She said that ultra-wide band radar technology is an important invention that can be used in the national defence effectively. During the war, the prisoners could be located through rdar and could be freed and this will also play an important role in the satellite communication.

Pakistani TV Actress' Husband Did Not Accept Her Divorce

Woman has the right to divorce her husband or not in Islam? The full bench of Federal Sharia court has directed the appelant (husband of Nadia Khan) to present the issue given in different sects of the religion. Nadia Khan, a famous model and actress has divorce her husband but he did not accept it and challenge it in the Sharia Court saying it is not Islamic way and wife has no right to divorce husband she can get divorce but can not divorce husband. He challenged the article given in Nikah agreement. Court has not given its verdict yet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fish Intake By Pregnant Mothers Linked To ADHD

Children's risk of developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later in life may be tied to how much fish their pregnant mothers ate, according to US new study. Researchers writing in the Archives of Paderiatics and Adolescent Mdedicines found that eating of two servings per week of fish was linked to about 60 % lower risks of children developing certain ADHD- like symptoms. But, elevated levels of mercury, which can also come from eatinmg more fish, depending on the fish, were tied to higher risks of developing the symptoms, such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattentiveness. " The really important message is to eat fish," said Sharon Sagiv the lead author of the study from Boston University School of Public Health. "Just stay away from the mercury -containing fish beacause these protective effects are pretty important". Sagiv said it is best to stay away from "big fishes" such as tuna and swordfish, which typically contain the most mercury, stick to haddock and solomon.