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Monday, August 23, 2010

Aid To Pakistan from India

This is good that Pakistan has accepted the aid extended by India. Otherwise, India always seeks excuses to blame Pakistan for any minor event. She would have shown to the world that Pakistan does not like to have good relations with neighbors or does not like to resumes talks that were abandoned due to India's India that their Minister had no mandate to have talks on core issues. Pakistan has been giving aid to several countries including India during natural calamities. However, this was a nice decision though many politicians are opposing this aid. At least Pakistan has left no excuse for India to proceed further for composite dialogues.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kalabagh Dam In Pakistan

One astonishes that inspite of heavy short fall of electricity, Pakistan govenment is not going to start work on Kalabagh Dam. One reason seems the outside pressure from the countries providing rental power plants and other is definetely from inside. Majority of the people of Sind and KPK would have realised that if the dam would have constructed the devastating floods would never have eliminated the city of Nowshera from the scene , but with out having kalabagh dam this city and its surrounding villages have been inundated. If Kalabagh dam were to be there damages like this to the properties nad houses would never have been of this magnitude. Now what the stakeholders would say about the floods.? Is not Kalabagh dam necessary for the benefit of the nation and Nowshera.? I do not belong to Punjab , but i am from KPK and am in favor of construction of Kalabagh Dam , on the feasibility reports millions of dollars have already been spent.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Untrusted Nation

Pakistan is hit with the century's most devastating natural calamity. More than 1.2 million people have been naffected and one million houses have been damaged or totally collapsed. Thousands hectares of cropes have been destroyed . Actually figures still can not be estimated till the floods have subsided. This damage is manoifold more than the earth quack during 2005. But, the Islamic countries and friends of Pakistan had provided aids to pakistan as quickly as possible. Now inspite of many requests no positive response that is needed have been given. And the aids announced by many countries is not enough. This is only because, the aid giving states have experienced corruptions and mis management in disdtribution of aids in the form of cash and food items and necessary items. So they are taking cautious and intend to distribute aids thru their embassy officials or NGO's. What we are in the eyes of world.?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Insulting the Nation

Inspite of requests from the people of Pakistan as well as from the Leaders of major Political parties, President of Pakistan neither returned home nor cancelled his tour to England and talks with David Cameron. This step He took is very insulting for the Nation. While major newspapers of USA and England condemned his visit . Papers like Newyork Times, Daily Telegraph, The sun , The Independent and many more advised Mr president to go back home and take care of his people who are drowning in floods. A paper also advised Mr Cameron' Count your fingers after shaking hands with Mr Ten Percent". What a true intepretation of the people of other nations about the President of Islamic Democrsatic Republic of Pakistan. Though he wanted to launch his son as a politician in the international politics, but looking at the mood of people he did not do so. But, he enjoyed his luxury tour to France and England fully. Good a president should be like this , an ideal president for the people of Pakistan, and they deserve president like him. Jeeway Pakistan.

Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Cruel Rulers of Pakistan

It never happened and no where happened that the paople of a state vare dying in thouisands daily and the President of Islamic Democratic Republic of Pakistan is on luxury tour to France and England. Our rulers do not lern lesseons from other heads of states are pose to to be ignorant that if in a state situation like this or less than arises in any country, the head of state where ever he is on an official tour cancels his tour and comes back to country immediately. While the the head of Pakistan is gone ignoring the rising death tool and flood situation in Pakistan Ispiteof very wrong statement of David Cameron of England. What will happen , president will return back with "do more" orders and more drone attacks and some threats. What an irony?